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Android : Burnley who play Stone Age football are on course for a 55+ point season. No one can deny this is a farmers' league any longer.

Android : Håland is so far ahead of everyone except Mbappe (who's very far ahead of him) it's not even funny. Greenwood is class but this is getting ridiculous now…

Android : Georgie Kennedy Yeah seen it back and there's a few different angles going round too. But we've been shafted by VAR so many times, proper annoying. Same for West Ham!

Android : In all seriousness though how has this not been spotted? Vardys whole shoulder is clearly offside. So fucking frustrating having to watch these abysmal officials week in, week out.

Android : Gonna concede a winner here and it'll put a downer on absolutely everything ffs.

Android : And this is exactly what should be happening!…

Android : Excellent first-halves from Bellerin, Ceballos and Saka. Expect us to drop off like usual in the second half though, hopefully that changes this game.

Android : It's actually true. This guy is honestly reaching Roberto levels of calamity.…

Android : This will be a mistake I think but if the club think we can get a decent fee to reinvest, so be it.…

Android : Imagine we end up beating Spurs comfortably on Sunday. That Amazon doc is going to be crazy viewing.