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Twitter for iPad : okay i just realized i missed like— two assignments and a lot of my deadlines are stacking up (+ zine stuff) so i’m gonna deactivate till i have like 4 assignments left atleast :”)) twitter is really bad for my grades LMFAO;; see u guys in a few days!!

Twitter for iPad : Dan i agree, i don’t know her stance on her art getting reposted frequently but it kinda sucks knowing how often people just do it anyways? especially in tiktok :[[

Twitter for iPad : // mentions of knives , guns

just a reminder that outta everyone in mcyt, badboyhalo partakes in THROWING KNIFE COMPETITIONS and COMPETITIVE SHOOTING in real life, and owns multiple guns and knives. what the fuck. literally no one else does this in the server

Twitter for iPad : like if you would let him slide down your chimney to give you a poorly wrapped ps4


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