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iPhone : We're here b/c for yrs, too many said nothing while elected officials-found by fed cts to have deliberately worked & passed laws to keep fellow American citizens frm voting, enacting laws to target Black & Brown voters "w/surgical precision"-held power & call themselves patriots.

iPhone : Trump has been waging war on American democracy since 2015 and - as someone who was willing to die for our democracy - it really pisses me off.

The “as a veteran” thing may be tired and dramatic, but I can’t overstate how fucking angry this makes me.…

iPhone : E. I don’t know if this person is full Q, but the Bill Gates, anti-mask, etc. all in on that.

iPhone : The birther argument actually hits me in ways I didn’t think I still could be hit. It is hard to describe the feeling of seeing someone’s citizenship questioned just because they were born to a brown/black immigrant. Again.

iPhone : critical thinking is a cop That person has been in online drama before and is always an asshole. But this is wild.

1) was rude to a canvasser just because
2) insulting to a 12 year old after they learnt age
3) thought it would be grand to post it since they’re very online
4) tried to blame “child labor”

iPhone : I mean...I have some novels you can option, Hollywood. And I've already adapted REBOOT into a TV pilot. Call me up.…

iPhone : The president has admitted that he is slowing down your prescriptions, social security checks and other mail because he also wants to keep you from casting absentee ballots this November.

This is unprecedented in US history, and only possible if members of his party allow it.

iPhone : Gabriel overheard me telling my workplace that he’s going to school via online portal.

Guys, he got so excited as he imagined some Doctor Strange style education method. Sorry, child: not that exciting.