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Android : Ive no idea if this is good or not, but I really should have thought twice about exercising in 30+ degree heat. But Yay for exercise?

Android : Rachel I cant see a price, but: 1) supporting good causes is good! 2) we all deserve treats in this time of madness 3) you're helping a business out so boosting the economy.

Android : Clays - Hyderabadi Kitchen Good luck with this! One thing I'd personally like to see would be an indication of spiciness. I know this can be unique to each person but as someone who is a bit of a 'heat'/spice wimp I'd love to know what I could expect. Or at least which dishes are known to be spicy!

Android : Loving the theory that MatPat has put together regarding #HamiltonFilm and its potential eligibility at the Oscar's, so I'm gonna share it here. Who knows maybe he's right and we will be pleasantly surprised come award season.

Android : Just heard Mulan will be on Disney+, but for an additional fee ($30). As I'd never pay that much to see it in the cinema, I think I'm going to have to wait until it hits their included content. Another reason for me to subscribe to them on an ad hoc basis only!

Android : Retweet this if you would feel safer going to a salon 1 on 1 with a beautician in full PPE than you would going to the pub? Just want to test something out.

Goodreads : 4 of 5 stars to The Book Of General Ignorance by John Lloyd…