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Carolyn from Maryland

Bio Artist Poet Person . Born to Loiter. I know where my towel is. memestress #resist #ResistanceIsNotFutile #BLM publisher of @DasDailyTrumpet no DMs please
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Twitter for iPad : (((DeanObeidallah))) You burn down your neighborhood because there is no other way to draw attention to a problem that has been ignored and swept under the rug for decades. There comes a point where a straw snaps. The people who can’t understand it don’t know what is going on.

Twitter for iPad : Less than 24hrs to issue an order to hobble social media cuz they wouldn't let him lie and incite violence. Over 3 months to issue an order to protect Americans from covid-19…

Twitter for iPad : Joe Meyers LeAnna Perez Dean Cain You are absolutely right. My whole point was to demonstrate how hypocritical it is. If you support a horrible person like trump, you can’t pretend his toxic behavior doesn’t rub off on you. There is no justification, no excuse, that can make support of Trumpism ok.