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Android : Fall Guys Players Are Already Unlocking An Achievement That Developers Thought Was Impossible

You have defeated us. Bested us. Put an end to our fun.

I knew we should have made it 10 wins in a row.…

Twitter Web App : when i open the fridge and see that my sister forgot to bring her lunch to work (which happens often) i just eat it w/o saying anything and she doesn't mention it either. this is a great system we have going

Android : i miss mindlessly scrolling through my vine TL and seeing this every day

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Android : kevin building a loft bed but he needed to call me and verify that it wasn't "pussy repellent" πŸ˜—

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Android : being the first in your family to do anything is scary, whether it’s going away to college, moving somewhere far, or chasing a dream. But it opens doors for the rest of your family and that’s what makes it worth it.