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Twitter Web App : I'll say what other news outlets are too afraid to say - it's not just Trump, it's his fans and voters who are racist. Listen to the crowd as they enthusiastically CHEER his racist talk against Somalia, refugees & Ilhan Omar. America is not "your country," it's all of ours. twitter.com/atrupar/status…

Twitter Web App : It's Thursday and Donald Trump still hasn't denounced white supremacists. If you're still pretending you can't tell if Donald J. Trump is racist or not, your denail is embarrassing. If you can't tell whether the president should denounce white supremacists then you might be one.

iPhone : Fundamentalists believe we need to be constrained by rules from a higher power. If people were left to their own devices, they would obviously do terrible things. Why? Because they’re assuming you would act like them. We don’t have to be constrained to act like decent people.

iPhone : Religious folks believe life is a test to please God. First God seems kind of needy. Second, does that mean life is a video game? You win by living the “right” kind of life. Why did God put you in an Atari game? Why is he making you play by his rules? Play your own game. #Freedom

iPhone : “I’m talking about the President. The one who called your wife ugly!” 💀

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iPhone : Great coverage on The Conversation with Cenk Uygur talking about going from the hospital room to the courtroom with an unheard of write-in campaign for Judge.
Thanks Cenk for having me on!
#TheConversation #TYT #JamesThompsonforJudge
Cenk Uygur

iPhone : This is a great program that has actually planted two million trees already! Aspiration.com/tyt twitter.com/aspiration/sta…

Twitter Web App : Trump is about to blow up the Republican Party. Next set of polls are going to be absolutely disastrous. Republican Senators are starting to criticize him because he is going to kill any chance of holding on to their seats. That debate was far worse than people realize.

iPhone : .Cenk Uygur on how Joe Biden should have responded to Donald J. Trump when he brought up grades during #presidentialdebate
The reality is, youre hiding your grades not just from college but from high school. You must have finished dead last.
#tytlive TYT.com/GO

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TweetDeck : .Cenk Uygur says #ChrisWallace asking Donald J. Trump to denounce #whitesupremacists was a big moment of the first #presidentialdebate:

Trump would not say yes. Thats unbelievable, Uygur adds that Trump told #ProudBoys to standby.

Watch #tytlive youtube.com/watch?v=U76U7Y…

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Twitter Web App : Almost everything Trump said about mail-in votes was a GARGANTUAN lie. Saying 30-40% of mail-in votes are fraudulent is insane and nowhere near true. He is a preposterous and pathological liar. #Debate2020

Twitter Web App : If Trump doesn't lose significant women voters after this train wreck of a #debate then every consultant & pundit was wrong for my whole life. They all said you don't want to seem rude during #debates. We'll have our answer soon because no one has ever been this rude in a debate.

Twitter Web App : Ok, now this debate is over and Trump just lost. He wouldn't condemn white supremacists! Easiest question in the world. And he couldn't give a simple answer disowning them. Not only is Trump racist, he is convinced that the whole country is racist. He's wrong. He'll lose. #debate

Twitter Web App : One thing that Trump was accidentally effective at is getting Joe Biden to disown the left in this #debate. Biden keeps taking the bait and attacking the base of his own party. #Debates2020

Twitter Web App : The moderators for the next two presidential debates have to be sweating bullets now. How in the world are they going to handle this? Trump is completely out of control. And I guarantee that Republicans will blame Chris Wallace afterward, no matter what. #debates

Twitter Web App : Honestly Bernie Sanders and rest of Democratic field did the Democratic Party a great disservice by not being much tougher on @JoBiden during Democratic debates. Biden would have been better prepared for a tough debate rather than the pattycakes he got in the primaries. #debate