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Bio Short Leo with longer hair than she suits. Has ice cream.
Italian🇮🇹 Irish🇮🇪/British🇬🇧

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iPhone : Francesca Bradford Well...I may hit up my family for some special delivery...but I’ll send you the recipe as a placeholder....if you mean store bought ones, nutter butters and any Girl Scout ones are the bomb!

iPhone : My dad died at 5am this morning. I had to tell my mother over the phone. She just said, ‘but what will I do?’ I don’t know how to answer. She’s alone, in a pandemic and the person she has loved for more than 60 years has gone. Please stay home. Please save lives.

Android : Thots of a Croc Gary We have a very special situation. Im disabled but waiting for disability. 30 days to vacate my childhood home, because its sold. DM me if you want to know more, but we have no where to go and we need out of CA before it wrecks us. This is a 2nd chance at life scenario.

Twitter Web App : More from Dominic Cummings...

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Twitter Web App : Brave Sir Donald ran away. Bravely ran away away!

When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.

Yes, brave Sir Donald turned about & gallantly he chickened out. Swiftly taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat.

Bravest of the brave, Sir Donald!

Android : Have been absolutely dreading this week,but here it is. Goal for this week is too keep as busy as I can, dont let the mind wander. Stay safe and healthy everyone. Literally cannot wait for this shit storm to be over with now.

Twitter for iPad : John Simpson Lets not forget the suicidal last stand on the edge of Dunkirk by French soldiers or the 51st Highland Division who kept the advancing Germans at bay before finally surrendering on June 12th!

fixed that historical error for you there 😉…

iPhone : Right, can’t see, so I’m buggering off to watch something amusing.

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