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iPhone : While Nancy Pelosi was holed up in her multi-million dollar home eating luxury ice cream, millions of Americans lost their jobs.

She criticized the Paycheck Protection Program

...So why was a firm partially owned by her husband a recipient of up to $1M in PPP money?


iPhone : Why have several Republican governors in deep red states not closed the Chinese Communist Party funded Confucius Institutes on many of their state colleges & universities?

Pay to play?


iPhone : Fact:

The color of your skin doesnt determine your success in America

Its all about how hard you work & the CHOICES you make—THATS real privilege

Learn more, get the facts you need to push back against the lefts racist lies:

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Twitter Web App : Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike, last week he signed a deal with Netflix, today he announced a partnership with Disney

Nike, Netflix, and Disney are three of the largest companies in America by revenue

Remind me again how "oppressed" he is?


iPhone : The mayor of Atlanta, in this video marching with BLM inc, has now contracted the Chinese Coronavirus


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Twitter Web App : There is a new generation of conservatives rising up. We believe both parties have been in bipartisan agreement to weaken America. Time to save our country.

Twitter Web App : Let me get this straight—the same party that wants the Washington Redskins "cancelled" for their team name are perfectly fine with Elizabeth Warren pretending to be a Native American her whole life?

How does that work?


Twitter Web App : July Fourth Weekend was a bloodbath in US cities:

Chicago—80 Americans shot, 17 killed
New York City—64 Americans shot, 10 killed
Philadelphia—31 Americans shot, 7 killed
Atlanta—28 Americans shot, 4 killed

What do they all have in common?

They're all run by Democrat Mayors.

Twitter Web App : The media cares more about the flag of the Confederacy than black lives being slaughtered in the streets of American cities

That tells you everything you need to know about their priorities.

Twitter Web App : Why is Harvard still charging a full undergraduate tuition rate of $49,653 despite holding all classes online?

They have a 41 BILLION dollar endowment. Why are they still ripping students off?


Twitter Web App : AT LEAST five black children were killed over the July 4th weekend:

Davon McNeal, 11y/o—Washington, DC
Secoriea Turner, 8 y/o—Atlanta
Natalia Wallace , 7 y/o—Chicago
Royta De’Marco Giles, 8 y/o—Hoover, AL
Jace Young, 6 y/o—San Francisco

Why won't BLM inc "say their names?"


iPhone : Christians have not been allowed to attend church for months but when they finally are, BLM inc. rioters are allowed to assault them

Christianity is now under physical assault by radical left wing terrorism

Where is the media coverage of this?


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iPhone : An 8-year-old black girl was shot “multiple times” by BLM inc. rioters outside the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed in Atlanta

She’s dead all because some thug stole a cop’s weapon and tried to attack police

Did her live not matter to Black Lives Matter?


iPhone : Leftists are the most intolerant people in America. They hate the idea that there are other ideas.

Get the facts and tools you need to push back against their anti-American, intolerant ways

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Twitter Web App : The fact that Tammy Duckworth called George Washington and Thomas Jefferson "traitors" today and Joe Biden hasn't removed her from his VP shortlist yet tells you everything you need to know about today's Democrat Party

Twitter Web App : Did you know:

NINE children have been murdered by gun violence in inner-city Chicago since June

In one month—nearly as many innocent children have been killed in Chicago as there were unarmed black men killed by police in ALL of 2019

Where are the BLM riots for their lives?