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Twitter Web App : Chicago had its deadliest Memorial Day weekend in 4 years

48 shot

10 shot and killed

And what did Lori Lightfoot have her police force focus on?

Shutting down a black church service with 5 different cop cars.

These are Democrat policies at work

Remember that in November.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING:

House Republicans are suing Nancy Pelosi to stop her illegal proxy voting rule

It would allow just TWENTY members to be present to pass laws affecting all 330 Million Americans

She shouldn't just be sued—she should be sued, censured, AND removed from office


Twitter Web App : I would rather have a president who's not afraid to go outside and play golf for the first time in three months than a president who's too scared to come out of his basement for three months

RT if you agree!

Twitter Web App : Wow:

An 89-year old woman was shipped EIGHTY-THREE Mail-In ballots in California

What could possibly go wrong with nationwide vote by mail?


Twitter Web App : Sheldon Whitehouse is funded by MULTIPLE shady money groups

But I guess it's only "dark money" when it flows to conservatives—right Sheldon Whitehouse?

Or are you just upset your disgusting lies & smears weren't enough to keep Judge Kavanaugh from becoming JUSTICE Kavanaugh?


Twitter Web App : Facts:

CNN took 12 hours to report on Joe Biden's racist "You ain't black" comment

From the moment they reported it until Monday afternoon, they spent a combined total of 11 minutes and 34 seconds covering it

Do you think the coverage would be different if Trump said it?


Twitter Web App : Let me get this straight:

The same people calling for Jimmy Fallon to be "cancelled" for wearing blackface are okay with Ralph Northam wearing blackface—or a KKK hood—and calling himself "coonman?"


Twitter Web App : Chicago just had its deadliest Memorial Day weekend in 4 years

48 people were shot

10 were shot and killed

This is all despite Democrats’ lockdown AND the strictest gun control measures in the country

It’s almost as if Democrat policies don’t actually keep people safe


iPhone : Hypocrisy:

Last week Gretchen Whitmer asked Michigan residents “not to descend” on the Northern Michigan lakefronts for the Memorial Day Weekend

What did her husband do?

Ask for preferential treatment to get his boat docked so he and his family could enjoy their weekend.


iPhone : What are Democrats doing while telling us to stay home?

Barack Obama—playing golf

Ralph Northam—going to the beach

Lori Lightfoot—getting her hair cut

Gretchen Whitmer—visiting her summer home

Bill De Blasio—going to a park

They don’t follow their rules

Why should we?


iPhone : Socialism Sucks because it lets government pick winners and losers

The false choice of “essential” or “non-essential” is tanking the economy

EVERY American worker is essential

We explain why, & more—only on The Charlie Kirk Show:

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iPhone : Hobil Bravo-Perez is why we need to finish the Wall

He is accused of sexually assaulting three underage girls in Wisconsin

He is here illegally and in possession of fake green cards and a fake social security number

Why do Democrats want to protect him from deportation?

iPhone : In the past week:

President Trump played golf one day for the first time in over three months

Ralph Northam broke his own lockdown order, left Virginia, and visited his vacation home in North Carolina—all without a mask

Which do you think the media is more outraged over?


Twitter Web App : Democrat Lori Lightfoot sent police to a Chicago Church on Sunday

Reports say they were blocking congregants from leaving the parking lot and ordering cars be towed

This is an unconstitutional abuse of power

RT if AG Barr should prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law!

Twitter Web App : SICK:

An illegal alien in Florida was just charged with over 100 counts of possessing child pornography

He was apprehended and is being held in custody thanks to ICE

And Democrats still want to abolish this heroic agency?