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iPhone : Thread:

Given months of civil unrest and multiple issues relating to the safety of First Nations people across the country, I will be writing to Prime Minister Trudeau to express that we have lost confidence in Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Brenda Lucki. 1/3

iPhone : We must all stand tall for #MikmaqRights today- but this is my modest call for settlers to dig in for the long haul when it comes to Peace, Friendship and Treaty Lobsters 🦞

#AllEyesOnMikmaki #WhiteSupremacy #NSpoli…

iPhone : Indigenous fisheries take priority over non-Indigenous fisheries - especially commercial fisheries. Period. End of story. That's all she wrote.

Thank you for attending my TED talk.

Twitter Web App : I am constantly updating this document with new actions, donations, and resources. Send your ideas! Let's keep the pressure on!

The Mi'kmaq have waited long enough for justice ✊…

Twitter Web App : Whats happening to the Mikmaq people is no accident.

It is an indictment of successive Liberal & Conservative govts.

Canadians across the country are fed up.

They are rising up in solidarity & I stand with them for #MikmaqRights.

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iPhone : ⁦Erin OToole⁩ trying to appear progressive in Emergency Debate on violent White mobs attack on Mi’kmaw Treaty people while focusing on fishing out of season & dubious conservation concerns!

iPhone : If Canada is to uphold our values of democracy, we need to become a legally pluralistic society. This means respecting the jurisdiction & laws of First Nations. It means sharing power & managing our common resources in line with a two-eyed seeing approach + Netukulimk. #UNDRIP

iPhone : "The world's watching,” said Jolene Marr.

“[It’s] finally getting to see the modern-day racism that the Mi'kmaw people here in Nova Scotia face everyday.”

#MikmaqRights #AllEyesOnMikmaki CBC Indigenous…

iPhone : "When it comes to the issue of the fishery itself, the Mi'kmaq people clearly have a right that is a higher right than the commercial fishers have, and the commercial fishers don't recognize that."…

iPhone : There’s no nation of commercial fishers, and if there is, they didn’t sign any Treaties with the Mi’kmaq.

Our rights are not up for negotiation, and the only parties involved in discussions on implementation are the nations who signed them.

iPhone : It's fucking disgusting the way white supremacists use environmentalist arguments against Indigenous people exercising their treaty rights or practicing their culture. As if the Western extraction, colonialism & capitalism they worship aren't what made environmentalism necessary.