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Bio Fighting every day for what’s right and just !!Resist Trump!! # Never trumper ! DEEP STATE ! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 Atheist, U.S.N #TheResistance !! #WeWillMarch
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iPhone : Donald J. Trump No get this straight you wanna be !!! Your doing everything you can to destroy America !! Live it up while you can !! America is fed up !!! Now it’s our turn never trump America will make sure when your time is up you and your family will not remain free or in America !!!!

iPhone : Wow. Outside the White House

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iPhone : MyPillow Mike Lindell Your pillows really suck !!! And would not buy anything from a trump lover who has put more people out of work while padding the pockets of the rich and corporations , such frauds and wanna be Christians disgusting !!!

iPhone : Mesa My thing is, how can you like nazis !!!! Really so it’s easy for you to get along with a womanizing nazi family and child separator, will never like nazi racist scum and will make sure they know it!

iPhone : You find a house you love for the good price and then see a sign Trump2020 in front of the neighbors house. Would that be a deal breaker or just to ignore???

iPhone : Mesa That’s why I’m moving 🀣 , most of my new neighbors are trumpers makes me think they screwed up the last place they lived and had to move on to a new place too screw up !!!

iPhone : Let’s name all of them: CNN Correspondent Omar Jimenez, CNN Producer Bill Kirkos and CNN Photojournalist Leonel Mendez β€” ARRESTED by Minnesota State Police for lawfully doing their jobs. #CNN

iPhone : Resisters, we have the image now so lets get it on our profiles. We know that the vast majority of Trumps Twitter followers are Bots, put there by Vladdy to prop up Trumps ego, so why the hell are some of you helping to stroke his ego by following him? Edit your profile.