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Android : Kara Woo I'm pretty curious about what it'd be like eating a baseball sized shumai

(or maybe an American buffet that was baseball sized dimsum foods [and baseball themed in general]?)

Android : James Rae I'm pretty interested in this question from a cog psych, expert performance perspective. My hot take is that people are imagining what it's like to use these tools, not taking realistic problems and working backwards.

(Ie no "gold standard" outcome measure)

Android : Alastair Rushworth python lists and dicts are similar to R environments, so I wonder if anyone has used them as an analogy? For example, you run into the same copying questions here...

d <- new.env()
d$sub_d <- new.env()
d$sub_d$val <- 1

deep copy would need to create a copy of sub_d

Android : JD Long If it's helpful, I've livecoded and saved notebooks translating DRob's Tidy Tuesday analyses (+ some original).

I've never thought, as an analyst, "I'm glad the multi index exists"

The developer in me was glad it let me implement spread quickly in siuba


Android : JD Long My 2 cents, life is a lot better once you decide never to use a multi index. (Except when you are developing a DS library).

I would press ppl who like the multi index to show realistic analyses that need them 😥.

Twitter Web App : Also w/ machine embroidery: you need to think about what happens when the pattern hits your machine.

* will the "resolution" work out?
* are you likely to snag at certain points?

reminds me of Q's when putting code into production (e.g. is it reliable, performant?)

Twitter Web App : turtle stitch--

🐢 the #python turtle library
🧩 block based programming
🧵 outputs patterns for machine embroidery

seems like a useful way to teach programming to kids, with tangible results!


Android : Crap, here is the link

(Granted, a big issue there was mixing up the pep and the library. Less of an issue for the field of nlp)


Android : Feels like a lot of #rstats people who are exploring python would be interested in this! twitter.com/choldgraf/stat…

Twitter Web App : update: I accidentally removed all administrator access, and a lot of terrible things happened, but we're back on track.

Twitter Web App : Talk next Weds: Data Analysis is Blitz Chess ♜

A good analysis is made quickly, but it's rare to see experts work on a holistic task, in real-time.

I'll discuss how livecoding in #python and SQL led me to develop siuba, a library for data analysis!