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Twitter Web App : I saw 2 victims with my own eyes. Not sure how many others I saw the shooter. Being told not to say anything else about details 'til I speak to police. I'm ok. Lots of shaken up people.

Twitter Web App : I know Patrick Chovanec from the old days in China. We agree on many points re China and US, disagree on others.

But I’m completely with him on this: Many people objecting to crude US villainization of China (like him) have themselves paid a price for criticizing CN polit/ec abuses.…

Twitter Web App : NEW: The FEC disclosures reveal Trump’s 2020 campaign poured over half-a-million dollars into lawyers & legal fees last month alone. Trump is using donor money to spent unprecedented money on legal expenses—far more than any presidential campaign in history

Twitter Web App : Promised to tweet out a few more thoughts from my reporting on #covid19 clustering and dispersion factor k. So here goes:…

Twitter Web App : Read Kai Kupferschmidt's reporting/tweeting about how reducing mass gatherings has helped drive down #Covid19 transmission. Then read this report of a wedding in Jordan where 1 case led to 22% of the 350 guests becoming infected.……

Twitter Web App : Romney: “In my state I’ll bet 90 percent of us vote by mail. It works very, very well. And it’s a very Republican state.”

Twitter Web App : “In the New York metro area alone, 21,800 people had died by May 3. Fewer than 4,300 would have died by then if control measures had been put in place and adopted nationwide just a week earlier, on March 8”…

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Twitter Web App : Just exclaimed aloud, alone in my kitchen, hearing Dana Goldstein tell Chris Hayes on #WITHpod that 15-20% of kids in some cities were just *lost* when schools closed: dropped off the radar, out of contact. Haunting. This whole episode is excellent:…

Twitter Web App : Weve reached the part of the Hydroxychloroquine news cycle where it cures you from all sorts of things. Its the Petrellis Miracle Elixir stage.

Look at this exchange between Hannity and caller:

Twitter Web App : This whole thing is despicable and authoritarian and needs to be fought tooth, nail and claw from here to November in every single venue and platform.…

Twitter Web App : REPORTER: The US has 4 percent of the worlds population and 30 percent of the Covid-19 cases. What would you have done differently?

TRUMP: Well, nothing.

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Twitter Web App : Can we all just please remember that the standout example of voter fraud - which is, to be clear, vanishingly rare - was by the Republican candidate in NC-9 in 2018.