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iPhone : Pam Keith It’s gotta suck being Obama with so many turning to him to somehow heal our nation. He asked one thing of us: “don’t boo, vote” and most of the country couldn’t be bothered.

It’s gonna be a sad indictment of America if “couldn’t be bothered to vote” wins again in 2020.

iPhone : Some days there simply are no words of comfort
On those days I turn my face towards the beauty found within art & music
This is a beautiful world, though we’re living through some very difficult moments now
Hoping this brings you peace

Above the Clouds by Gamiel Carrion

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iPhone : 100,000 people are dead.
1 in 4 people are unemployed.

Donald Trump’s response to this pandemic has been a leadership failure, a policy failure, and a moral failure of historic proportions.

iPhone : I can't wait to see the country being lead by a strong, intelligent and compassionate individual. We're in need of rising above pettiness, eliminating division and building trusting relationships.

Until then, it's gonna be chaos and lies (aka the Trump Way).

iPhone : Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a constitutional obligation to ensure the integrity of our process.

Onward Together is proud to announce it will partner with Democracy Docket to protect Americans’ right to vote by mail.