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Android : Dame Alun Roberts Samantha Baldwin) 's Twitter Profile">Samantha Baldwin Could it have been kept from the MSM news, by the same judge that took the v unusual steps of inviting the press to secret family court to report on his false findings about Samantha Baldwin) 's Twitter Profile">Samantha Baldwin & when his opinion was reported all press were given a RRO so truth withheld from public

Android : Dame Alun Roberts Not at all. The mum must be devastated
I can’t grasp how so many people in high places allow this to go on
keep doing what you’re doing-100% with you
I’ve met victims of sexual abuse, it destroys them
I wish I had your journalistic ability

Android : Dame Alun Roberts Samantha Baldwin I can’t see anything in the MSM about child rapist Andy Logins to say that he was working for Faith in Families adoption agency for 9 yrs up to until he was jailed 2016.That’s a huge story! I wonder which Notts judge wouldn’t have wanted this shocking connection to be made public

Android : The #Covid19UK deaths reported yesterday make it clear - yet again - that one part of the United Kingdom is presided over by someone unfit to lead.

Scotland: 0
Wales: 1
N.Ireland: 0
England: 147

Android : George Carron Greig (born 1960), known as Geordie Greig, is an English journalist and editor of the Daily Mail. He was editor in 2020 when it eclipsed The Sun to become the best-selling newspaper in the UK. twitter.com/ciabaudo/statu…

Android : Incredible that a whistleblower who has helped claw back £30m for stung customers of a major British bank should have to launch an anti-corruption investigation unit himself. What is our mainstream media afraid of? #hsbc #fca #cityoflondon CorruptionUK twitter.com/nw_nicholas/st…

Android : Dame Alun Roberts Samantha Baldwin There was a 34 page IICSA report from Faith in families formally the Catholic Children’s Society, all about Andy /Andris Logins. This includes reports from children he’d abused in the 80’s & it was ignored by the adoption agency. How could Jeremy Lea not know about Andy Logins.

Android : Dame Alun Roberts Samantha Baldwin Andy Logins worked for 9 years for Faith in Families adoption agency were Jeremy Lea was a director, right up to 2016 when he was jailed for 20yrs for multiple child rape.IICSA report says they kept him on whilst being investigated but TRIED not to leave him with alone children

Android : Dame Alun Roberts A dark mystery of Midlands policing is the disappearance of 1990s police files about Jeremy Lea: carvath.wordpress.com/2020/07/02/chi…

When we say we're concerned for the complainant's life, we mean it. They've already tried to shut down Richard, just for reporting the complaint's existence.