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Twitter for iPad : Jennifer Williams Local councils were meant to have the power to close businesses down as of a couple of weekends ago... I thought. Tho not seen any examples of it being used yet.
Pretty sure that legislation could be used.
Cos yep - it just makes it tougher for the places trying to comply.

Twitter for iPad : It was our Rob Parsons who gave the Prime Minister an opportunity to state for the record that he does not share the blatantly racist, frankly idiotic view of Craig Whittaker MP - He chose not to. The day before Yorkshire Day we want to make it clear this man does not speak for us.…

Twitter for iPad : Something really interesting is happening in Liverpool. In the past week public health officials noticed a surge in cases in one ward - so a few dozen streets - Princes Park in Toxteth. There were 20 new cases, out of 49 across the whole of Liverpool. Not a huge quantity but

iPhone : I’ve travelled across Midlands / Northern England reporting on areas with high BAME populations that have seen #COVID19 spikes - and have seen absolutely no evidence to support Craig Whittaker MP view that these communities aren’t taking the rules seriously.

iPhone : Matt Hancock making a difficult job of explaining to BBC Radio Manchester whether a family from Greater Manchester can meet another household from outside the area in their house or garden.

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iPhone : gary hill Thing is - I could say same of some white households round my way. And data on cases suggests it’s not just one group of people breaking rules.

Pre Covid, my team worked in a van. Sometimes working distanced in my house is best option. So my neighbours probs think same of me

iPhone : Lockdown 2. Although Matt Hancock seemed reluctant to call it a lockdown today.

Frustration and confusion were the common themes from people we spoke to today.

Some asking how they’re meant to stick to the rules - if the rules aren’t clear.…

iPhone : If in any doubt about the deep and long lasting impact on Barry Bennell’s victims... This is from after his last conviction.
He also worked at Taxal Edge Childrens Home in Whaley Bridge.

iPhone : The boys Barry Bennell has admitted abusing were aged between 11 & 14.

He’s due to be sentenced in October.

He’s already in jail for abusing other young footballers.

They idolised him - and put their trust in him - as did their families.

iPhone : Barry Bennell has admitted sexually abusing two more boys when he was a youth football coach in the 70s / 80s.

With everything else going on today - this hasn’t had as much coverage as it would at other times. But it’s important.…

Twitter Web App : Rob Bulman I think that is ok... I think. But with social distancing.

Though it wasn't explicitly covered in what I've read. Though it did say people can still go to work.

Twitter Web App : Josh Halliday But...
"I live in the area. Can people from outside of the lockdown area visit me at my house? No. This will be illegal."

And: "Can I still go to cafes, restaurants, gym & other public places?
Yes. But should only go with own household – even if going outside restricted area."

Twitter Web App : Among the new rules for millions of us...

For those in the re-lock zone - the rules apply OUTSIDE the re-lock zone.

So... at a pub in Poynton/Warrington/New Mills etc (for social reasons / not work) - no 'interacting' with anyone else.