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Bio Professor of migration & diaspora history | citizens rights campaigner | founder @eucitizenschamp | affinity Scot with Kiwi twist | Asia aficionado | my views
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Android : Tony Rivers Brentford are magnificent. Cant help admire the way theyve gone about their business this season. Im still bitter though from when they locked us out after telling us there would be plenty of seats available all those years ago.

Twitter Web App : गरीबोकीमसीहाबनीआस्था फाउंडेशन COVID-19 में भी दिलो जान से राजधानी क्षेत्र में कर्यरत आस्था फाउंडेशन कोरोना महामारी में संस्था द्वारा 90 दिनों में 2711जरूरतमंद परिवार को राशन वितरण किया है JNUद्वाराPHD उपाधि प्राप्त श्रीअखिलेश_कुमार जी ने राशन वितरण करवाने में विशेष सहयोग किया

iPhone : Indeed. Turns out, all that was needed to stop it was to ban NHS staff from speaking to the media, stop publishing key data, stop scientists briefing journalists, and kapow the virus just vanished…

Android : I LOVE when they pull the Coronavirus has nothing to do with Brexit line on me.
Thanks Madeline Grant 🇭🇰 for the set-up 😜

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Android : Just watching the Live Aid 1985 programme on #BBC2. Thats when the UK ruled the world. Unfortunately, those days are long gone. Thanks #BorisJohnson!!!

Android : Please retweet. The bloody idiocy the whole thing - and most of all the reliance on the word ‘democracy’ as a grounds for delivering something people were never ever asked about and indeed, were promised would NOT happen. Mind boggling - even after 4 years of it.…

iPhone : Tom London However see analysis of polling by Mark Pack Mark Pack 🔶 which shows all the regular pollsters. The Tories are ahead - amazingly enough - on all the polls. YouGov has the biggest margin, but the mean is still at least 5% ahead. I suppose we need to give Starmer time...