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Android : Kay Burley On the contrary, I think you underestimate just how much the MSM is damaging the country.

And you give airtime to the man who instructed Blair to "sex up" his discredited Iraqi arms dossier to fit with claims from the US administration that were known to be false?

Android : Mark Wallace Tory Member Well each is entitled to their opinion and I accept that.
Tory voters, there will always be those who are upset. I know enough and family members being Tory MP's too.
We need to remember that just because we hear something we don't like, doesn't automatically make it right.

Android : Your summary is somewhat exaggerated.

One 260 mile trip and one return trip to hospital = all over the country?

It is better to let people think you are stupid, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. 👍🙂…

Android : Oh wake up man, that's the same limited thought process as the MSM.

Is it legal to leave a 4yr old home alone?

If he was unsure of long drive, surely a good idea to have someone who could drive back just in case with you?

So with both child carers in the car, the child goes?…

Android : Mr Neil, Surely that family member coming to London would increase the chance of that person contracting Covid due to the density of population.

It's not difficult to see Mr Cummings thought process:

Durham farm, population 4.

London population 9,000,000…

Android : Never doubted him in the first place. Had no reason to, as did anybody else.

Let's face it, until today we'd only heard what the MSM had to spin.

There used to be an old turn of phrase "gutter press". Still as relevant now as it was then.…

Android : Dominic Cummings has made clear he was motivated by trying to protect his son and he took steps to be safe.

I understand people had serious questions about his actions - indeed many of you have made huge sacrifices - but I do believe today he explained himself.