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Bio Marine isotope ecologist, U Southampton. Trophic geography, ecophysiology, otoliths. He/Him, Views own or appropriated from those who know better or are funnier
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iPhone : Smart and Grammer 2021 (Jonathan Smart) use info on maximum size and size at birth to constrain the priors on L_0 and L_inf in a Bayesian von Bertalanffy growth model and show equal or superior performance compared to a frequentist approach.

iPhone : New work out describing the stable isotope relationships for C and N between helminth parasites and their coral reef fish hosts from New Caledonia. Stable #isotopes do not behave the same between #parasite groups, attachment sites, or host SI value.…

Twitter Web App : JEBs new special issue, Predicting the Future: Species Survival in a Changing World, is available now for FREE.
The collection is dedicated to strategies for, and predictions of, the impact of climate change.


Study by Jonathan Whitney, PhD, Greg Asner, Donald Kobayashi, and others:…

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Twitter Web App : This spring, Im teaching a new class on data visualization with R. Im posting all materials as I go. Feel free to follow along. Each lecture has slides and an interactive worksheet. #rstats…

iPhone : 'A kind of piscine eBay.' Great profile of the amazing work the team at Pesky Fish have been doing over the last few years. I"m lucky enough to know what's coming soon, and this is only the beginning.…

iPhone : Coming to the end of my second weekend of strictly no work - research, teaching or admin at the weekend. Only possible as most of my teaching was last semester- but definitely good.

iPhone : If you suspect someone deserves authorship on a manuscript chances are they do. If they’re a grad student or post doc’s a definite yes! #beinclusive #collaborate

Twitter Web App : Natalie Cooper long time mac, but we've just got Lenovo for Sally - it's relaly nice, stable, good screen (we got the flippy one for possible kid use) but overall - it's a hell of a lot nicer than the old PC laptops I used to shudder in front of.

Twitter Web App : The SEB would like to enlist your help in spreading the word about our 2021 Annual Conference.

We have a number of ways in which you can help promote the meeting ⬇️…

iPhone : Kirsteen MacKenzie No, that blank script just reminds me of how I should be organising everything in an efficient, well-commented and planned way from the start. And it laughs at me. Or shakes it head in disappointment and pity.

iPhone : 📣 New in #ASLO_LO! "Toward a better understanding of fish‐based contribution to ocean carbon flux" 🐟 #OpenAccess…