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Android : The MMA Dudeā„¢ Masvidal smokes Colby. Really don't see how Colby beats him tbh. Masvidal ruins him in the clinch and does him even worse in open space. Colby does not have good enough top control or takedowns to repeatedly get Mas down and rack up enough top time to grind a decision.

Android : OptimusCrime Yan is a great grappler, especially defensively. He's shown that off in his fights with Magomedov, especially the second fight. But still, I can see why you favour Aljo there. Personally I don't think Aljo is a good enough takedown artist to actually get Yan down, but we'll see!

Android : OptimusCrime Cool, I see. As for the hittable, he tends to be more hittable early, makes reads and adjusts very well. Plus I don't think Sterling is even close to dangerous enough in the striking department to finish Yan early. The grappling thing I think is more of a valid concern. I believe

Android : I get why JDS is being cut but I don't understand why reem is, I'm guessing it's due to his contract. Still, a real shame but I won't act like a part of me isn't relieved as I never enjoyed seeing either man lose.ā€¦