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Bio We built an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol for developers.


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Twitter Web App : The past hour of Compound has been πŸ“ˆ

βœ… Compound Proposal 011 was executed (…)
πŸ“Š $COMP dashboard updated to show yields (
🐳 All new high-score; $72m supplied to in one transaction (…)

Twitter Web App : Proposal 011 was executed; the protocol is now allocating $COMP across markets based on borrowing volume (and not interest rates).

To monitor the allocation, visit:

Twitter Web App : An application built on Compound (Dharma) has proposed a new DAI interest rate model, attempting to improve interest rates & utilization rates in the market.


iPhone : βœ… Proposal #11 queued on 02 Jul 20 19:01 UTC πŸ•’

More info at:……

Twitter Web App : This is a great summary of $COMP Proposal 011, from a community member:…

The Governance system has a "delay" parameter before votes go into effect - increasing it (to 1 or 2 days?) would allow more time for this level of analysis before votes begin πŸ”₯

iPhone : Dan Elitzer Compound cTokens were specifically upgraded in order to accommodate fees in underlying tokens -- because we diligenced the asset before adding it to the protocol.

Boom. πŸŽ€πŸ€›…

Twitter Web App : A member of the community has proposed a patch to the COMP Distribution mechanism, to remove interest rates as a weighting mechanism, and reduce the risk of griefing.


Twitter Web App : There is now $1 Billion supplied to the Compound protocol.

Excited for $COMP holders to expand & upgrade Compound, taking it past the next major milestone πŸ“ˆ

Twitter Web App : Krasimir Raykov It doesn't exist any more; during the testing phase of Governance, it was functionality available in case a critical flaw was discovered (none were).

The Governance Guardian is now the 0x00..00 address, e.g. it can't be used.…

Twitter Web App : Once 2 days have elapsed, you can Execute the proposal.

The input takes an amount of Ether to send (0), and the Proposal ID, e.g. 10 again.

This will activate the Proposal, and upgrade the Compound protocol πŸ“ˆ

Twitter Web App : Once a Proposal passes (by receiving at least 400,000 For votes, and a majority of votes cast), you can call the Queue function.

The input is the Proposal ID, e.g. 10. This sends the proposal to the Timelock, where it waits for 2 days.

Twitter Web App : Did you know that any Ethereum address can:

⏰ Queue
✨ Execute
❌ Cancel

An eligible Compound Governance Proposal? Meet 0xc0dA01a04C3f3E0be433606045bB7017A7323E38, the Governance contract.

A quick tutorial:…

Twitter Web App : Proposal 010 has succeeded, and can be executed after a 2-day waiting period.

1,198,438 COMP βœ…
189,177 COMP ⛔️

Twitter Web App : Him Compound Labs No, a member of the community. In this case it was "blck", an active participant in the Compound Discord server and governance forums.

On each proposal, the creator is listed on the upper right.

Anyone, including you, can create a proposal if you receive enough delegated votes.

Twitter Web App : We are proud to present our industry-first, one-click API integration service for the Compound Labs #DeFi protocol!

Read all about it here:


Twitter Web App : βœ… Proposal #10 queued on 27 Jun 20 15:46 UTC πŸ•’

More info at:……

iPhone : To all the $COMP farmers out there:

You can now view your unclaimed $COMP right within your Zerion Overview tab! β›πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ

Psst...check out our new Market page where you can actively monitor the value of $COMP, $BAL & all other Ethereum-based tokens πŸ“ˆ…