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แอดขอโทษที่ให้คอยนาน มาแล้ว! 🙏🏻


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Android : [SuperStar BTS 서비스 종료]
정오 12시 이후로 게임 접속 및 플레이가 불가능합니다.
그동안 게임을 사랑해주신 여러분 감사드립니다.

[SuperStar BTS End of Service]
Connection to game and gameplay will be disabled after 12:00, June 23rd 2020 KST.
Thank you for playing SuperStar BTS.

Android : Thank you to everyone :)
i feel so much better and stronger
alot of good message really warm my heart

thank you for always be there for me💚

i hope you guys have a goodnight
and sorry for making you guys worry
i'll try my best to be the best and strong


Android : HIS! ARM! TATTOOS!

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Android : it’s not black peoples’ job to educate you on how to not be a fucking racist. be a fucking grown up and a decent human being and let people focus their energy on their community not on babying you. holy fuck.

Android : man fuck every single person with a platform who is choosing to be silent. idc. fuck all of them. you have a platform. you have seen that a man was murdered. you don’t care.