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Twitter Ads : .CookPoliticalReports Jessica Taylor previews the 2020 Senate elections this fall

Democrats are almost entirely on offense whereas Republicans are almost entirely on defense

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Twitter Web App : Cook Political Reports Jessica Taylor discusses key races in the battle for the Senate this fall

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Twitter Web App : And now we return to our earlier question: do you support or oppose lifting restrictions?

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Twitter Ads : .@TheHills Reid Wilson on how the Ebola outbreak years ago affected the response to COVID-19

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Twitter Web App : The Hills Reid Wilson discusses the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic

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Twitter Web App : States across the country are reopening businesses & easing stay-at-home restrictions. Do you support or oppose this?

☎️Dial in with your thoughts: cs.pn/2zaTDWj
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Twitter Ads : .TIMEs Molly Ball comments on a photo of Nancy Pelosi:

[Pelosi] said, I couldnt believe the president published that picture. He does not understand what is not in his interests. I think that tells you a lot about her mindset. She is thinking always about strategy

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Twitter Ads : .David Biller on why Brazils health minister was fired & Brazils current restrictions:

The President [Jair Bolsonaro] was pushing for widespread prescription of chloroquine & this health minister would not get behind it. He said he wouldnt damage his reputation by doing so

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Twitter Ads : .The Wall Street Journals Jonathan Cheng gives thoughts on blaming China for the pandemic:

Youve got a lot of finger pointing but theres not a whole lot of solid evidence on either side. And then you get calls for an independent investigation but Im not sure Id be holding my breath for that

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Twitter Ads : .Financial Timess Daniel Dombey gives reasons why Spain was hit hard by COVID-19

Spain is a country where there is a real kind of communal living. People live like they live in Manhattan in very dense apartments...People live on the streets...The hug is a fundamental part of Spanish life

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Twitter Ads : .The New York Times Adam Nossiter on Frances testing & view on the WHO:

The problem for the French has been that they dont have the industrial capacity anymore to manufacture the ingredients [for tests]...The French are critical of the WHO but also believe its a vital partner

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Twitter Ads : Q: When there is a vaccine in Germany, whats the plan to distribute it and to whom?

POLITICOEuropes Matthew Karnitschnig responds: They havent really disclosed that yet...I suspect that priority would be given to those most in danger of dying of COVID

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Twitter Ads : .The Wall Street Journals Timothy W. Martin speaks on how contact tracing works in South Korea:

This has given the government both the quick strike ability to react when there was an outbreak but also...the ability to quickly respond to a return to infections

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Twitter Ads : .Johan Ahlander on Swedens response to the pandemic

We have had very clear guidelines for social distancing & people in Sweden have been social distancing themselves a lot. The spread is slowing...but we have a higher number of deaths than our Nordic neighboring countries

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Twitter Ads : .William Booth on Boris Johnsons response to COVID-19:

His governments approach going into the epidemic was criticized as slow...but now theyre coming out of the lockdown slower also so some people are thinking that might be Boriss personal experience with the virus

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Twitter Ads : .Thomson Reuterss praveen menon on the governments financial aid response in New Zealand:

Theres a 50 billion dollar COVID package that was released... The response to the economy is going to be as focused as it was on the health aspect of this pandemic

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Twitter Web App : On now, Molly Ball TIME Magazine National Political Correspondent & Author, of the book Pelosi joins us to discusses her new book looking at life & career of the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

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Twitter Web App : For the first two hours well be interviewing correspondents around the world about the coronavirus pandemic response. Tell us your thoughts about the response in the U.S. & globally

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