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iPhone : Carlos Roa could have been playing for Manchester United in 1999.

Instead, he gave it all up to get ready for the end of the world.

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Twitter Web App : 📋 | The team the day Aldair made his debut...

We take a closer look at the #ASRoma starting XI from that day 🔍

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iPhone : Marcus Rashford in lockdown has

Started a charity that raised £20 million and helped feed 2.8 million children.

Launched a Christmas Box campaign with Selfridges to help Manchesters homeless.

Learned sign language to judge a poetry competition in a deaf school.

Hes 22.

iPhone : On Saturday we will be recording the fifth edition of our YouTube series ‘1874 at Home’.

This time we will be joined by our record goalscorer Scott McGowan.

Anything you want to ask Scotty? Get your questions in.

Twitter Web App : I’ve been rightly urged to share this link for those looking for affirmative ways to acknowledge the problem and be an active part of the solution. To hammer the point home - being frightened of equality is the definition of weakness. #BLM

iPhone : Our newsletter has been out of action for a little while - but it’s had a bit of a facelift and will return soon.

If you would like to subscribe you can do so below. Please note that you will have to sign-up again if you were a member of the old version.…

Twitter Web App : Megha Mohan Happy to help - can advise on feature writing, editing, pitching, book proposals. DMs open or

SkyNews Alerts - Latest : 13th Signal Regiment: British Army creates new cyber unit to protect forces…

iPhone : Imagine if the #PremierLeague restarted with fans involved, but still had to comply with social distancing guidelines…

For a bit of fun, weve worked out what it would cost for clubs to maintain their usual match-day revenues

iPhone : I just discussed election security—including the situation with disappearing black votes in Shelby County, TN and the Don Siegelman’s suspect election loss in AL in 02–with John Melendez and NoelCaslerComedy. I also provided some general tips to protect our votes in November. ⬇️…

Twitter Web App : There are a lot of reading lists going around with Ta-Nehisi Coates, The New Jim Crow, Citizen etc. All good. But if youre white and British, youd be doing us a favour by reading about British racism. List to follow …