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Android : Covid-19 is apparently spread through the air.

Norovirus is spread by feces and vomit.

Norovirus regularly rips through schools and day cares despite regular sanitizing.

How the fuck are cleaning staff going to disinfect/sanitize all surfaces AND the air?

Android : If you are concerned with how "cancel culture" is creating unjust outcomes in the workplace, wait until you hear about racism and sexism

Android : It isnt true that Trump paid someone to take his SATs which helped him get into U of Penn.

Trump paid someone to take his SATs which helped him get into Fordham - his grades weren't good enough for UPenn. Then his dad used his $ and influence the next year to get Don into UPenn.

Android : For like a century, corporate media decided who got “cancelled” & often the people didn’t even do anything wrong (Sinead O’Connor, Monica Lewinsky, etc). But now that social media is deciding who gets cancelled, it’s the most dire threat to free speech that ever happened. Lol ok

Android : Donald Trump is running as a warrior against "cancel culture."

I made a list of some of the people and things Donald Trump has tried to get canceled.

It is long.…

Android : Caroline Orr And, since you put yourself out there, Caroline, I’ll back you up:

“Neglect and trauma at home” as a child? Yeah. I have that covered too. Compounded by multiple and severe experiences of victimization as an adult.

I still don’t purposefully hurt or exploit others.

Android : Caroline Orr And he had the means to obtain professional help for as long as he needed. Others don’t, and they still don’t become who he has become.

We can’t sidetracked on feeling empathy for him as a child.

We need to keep the focus on his victims—the number of whom increases daily.

Android : Leah McElrath 🏳️‍🌈 Thank you. Childhood (and adult) trauma is horrific and can do horrific things to a person (I have experienced that part firsthand), but it doesn’t take away a person’s conscience nor does it excuse a person’s choice to cope by abusing others & continuing the cycle.

Android : I don’t know who needs to hear it, but:

Many people suffer “neglect and trauma at home” and don’t become adults who externalize their pain by intentionally harming others for more than half a century.

That part? That’s a choice.

Android : Claire McCaskill Weird that the only platform the Republicans have left is the Confederate flag and statues.

Not jobs, healthcare, international relations, environment, growth, infrastructure.

Nothing but confederate statues.

Android : Not going to stop the virus, not going to give schools additional resources or expertise, just going to apply political pressure. Awesome. This will go well.…

Android : There is no Karen without a Brett/Chad/Kyle/Trevor/Whatever.

And white men seem to have LIMITLESS energy for listing off the ways that white women are the worst but seem astoundingly incapable of addressing the racism of white men.…

Android : I swear the longer this goes on the more and more the Trump administration looks like a giant toddler just knocking down things other people have built because he thinks he CAN.…