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Bio Astronomer at Las Cumbres Observatory, physics faculty at UCSB. Sometime TV dude, and one half of @ScienceVsCinema.
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iPhone : Chuck Wendig The Incredible Hulk and the Superfriends (I know, I know, one is Marvel and the others are DC) turned evil and took over my house, and me and my family had to live on the porch.

iPhone : I wish the science side of NASA would tell the human space flight side that Elon Musk needs to choose between launching humans or garbage.

Twitter Web App : Paul Halpern I keep thinking The Onion should do an update of this one with Trump. Maybe too close to reality with his medical nonsense though.…

Twitter Web App : If someone shows up at your door to have a "conversation" about a point of disagreement with you and they just happen to be carrying an AR-15, well you're not really having a conversation are you?

Twitter Web App : I'll be on this episode of Catalyst on ABC in Australia. You can just see me walking in the Las Cumbres Obsv 2 meter telescope dome in the promo. Australian friends, hope you like it -- Tamara Davis is a great host!…

Twitter Web App : Dear every academic staff everywhere: please do not reply/all more than once to complain that someone else did reply/all in a message to all employees. Doing so eventually makes a causal loop that must be patched by time travel, which is no longer in the budget.

Twitter Web App : Eric Mamajek I wonder if the screenwriter for Fletch saw that article and it inspired Fletch going by Harry Truman. Can't remember if he uses that alias in the novel, which was written much earlier.

Twitter Web App : Breaker breaker, overlapping conversations starting on Zoom is so awkward, we need a return to 70s CB radio jargon, over.