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iPhone : Joke that criminals don’t get guns legally and don’t do background checks…

iPhone : Jesus, why would you do this? The economy is important in a democracy…

iPhone : Do you know how big the Oul industry is? Do you have any clue how the oil industry effects other industries and the nations wealth

iPhone : If you grew up poor you were taught to keep your hands in visible sight when you are dealing with law enforcement.

C’mon sleepy Joe. You don’t know poverty

iPhone : I literally heard Joe Biden say we should not close the border to China!

Joe doesn’t even know what he said

iPhone : No asshole. America is real. And we’ve elevated more people out of slavery and poverty than any other culture or country in the history of the world. You however have never lived up to the expectations that were afforded you for decades. It ends soon Joe.…

iPhone : Welcome to the club. If you’re a critical thinker and your thoughts go against the current narrative you are censored.
It’s no longer America it’s Nazi Germany…

iPhone : Yesterday I returned from celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary just in time to meet with Amy Coney Barrett. I believe she will make an excellent justice that will serve our country and Constitution well, and I look forward to seeing her confirmed soon.