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Bio 🔞🔞🔞 | 20-something queer nb (they/them) | as seen on TV | 🏳️‍🌈‍⚧⛤Ⓐ🐈 | avatar by @kmclaude | 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 日本語OK
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Android : Oh hai new followers, I see you are enjoying images of diverse bodies in medieval manuscripts, so here are more people of colour, gays and lesbians, disabled people using guide dogs and women educating women twitter.com/MxComan/status…

Android : The new Deer hood in collaborate with Michizuki ミチヅキ/Michizuki) 's Twitter Profile">ミチヅキ/Michizuki

大ファンのミチヅキさんミチヅキ/Michizuki) 's Twitter Profile">ミチヅキ/Michizuki とコラボさせていただきました!


Twitter Web App : also since thanks to covid handshakes became a no-no my brain went "no handshakes? that must mean we're in a place where u bow to greet people" which has so far twice almost ended w/ me getting elbowed in the face bc the other person was trying to do the covid elbow bump greeting

Twitter Web App : my coworkers keep making fun of me for bowing when handing items to or being given items by people...... blease i was taught proper 名刺 exchanging etiquette at a very formative age and now i instinctively use it when exchanging any physical object

Twitter Web App : People being like “How can you change your body??? God made you that way for a reason!!!” then TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES KATHY GOD WANTS YOU TO BUMP INTO A TABLE

Android : If you’ve commissioned an artist and see that they are working on personal art along side your piece, don’t get pressed about it - when you finish work and unwind with some video games does your boss call you up and ask why you aren’t working?

Twitter Web App : idk might call a crisis help line tonight. they're just gonna tell me to get my ass into therapy (and im trying. i called places! theyre all full! this is hell!) but still

Twitter Web App : and like considering I am not only a decade older now but also on a variety of meds and have gone through several rounds of therapy the fact that my body and brain is apparently so exhausted it's reverting to that state is... worrying to say the least