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Bio The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, behind the lines, on the road, long before I dance under those lights. Muhammad Ali join.labour.org.uk
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Twitter Web App : The People Before Profit Rally is just about to start.

Join me, John McDonnell MP, Diane Abbott MP, Ian Lavery MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Jon Trickett MP, Claudia Webbe MP and key activists from across our movement

📺Watch here:

Twitter Web App : With 14 million people living in poverty, with 50% of the UK workforce earning £20k or less and with the country about to fall into a deep and long recession, if not a depression, Keir Starmer’s bright idea is to pivot right and appeal to well off middle class Tories.


Twitter Web App : A couple of weeks ago centrists were crowing about Keir Starmer’s personal favourability ratings. They were adding 📈icons to their profiles, gloating about them increasing.

Turns out that was an outlier, his personal numbers have fallen 10% and they are no longer mentioning it.

Twitter Web App : This was really hard to write. But my team said we need to talk about it otherwise things won't change.

Over the last few years the level of racist abuse and violent threats against me and my team have been unacceptable.

My Metro column 👇🏾


Twitter Web App : One thing I enjoy on twitter is using facts and logic to win a debate against a troll and when they don‘t address any of the points and they just keep repeating their first unfounded claim like a robot I tweet a really strong final point and block them.

I bet it drives them mad. pic.twitter.com/aXhoiythej

Twitter Web App : Colin Thompson Mark James Matt Zarb-Cousin Corbyn came within 2,227 votes of power in 2017. He would certainly be prime minister today if Blairites hadn’t sabotaged Labour.

Keir Starmer’s second referendum policy handed the Tories 52 Labour leave seats and GE19. Millions were voting for Brexit, not for Boris Johnson.

Twitter Web App : Keir Starmer is being outflanked from the left by the Tories. We are dropping in the polls every time he drags Labour right.

If we do not replace him we will lose the next general election.

If you want Labour to defeat the Tories join the campaign to #ToppleStarmer

Please RT

Twitter Web App : To Keir Starmer,

Corbyn won 40% and came within 2,227 votes of power with a socialist manifesto in 2017. He would be prime minister today if you and others had not carried out the 2016 coup.

You are dragging The Labour Party right while the country is heading left.

Please resign.

Twitter Web App : We need a Labour Party that:

• Supports Wealth Taxes
• Opposes Boris Johnson’s handling of CV19
• That expels racists
• The abides by democratic sovereignty of Party Conference
• That supports Black Lives Matter
• That shows staff respect

We do not have that Labour Party.

Twitter Web App : The new New Labour have abandoned progressive common sense socialism and looked at how they can help this disgrace of a government stumble through from one day to the next.

Being good at #PMQs and a sharp haircut won’t shut down Foodbanks and it won’t get the homeless housed.

Twitter Web App : A better future is possible based on our values of hope and solidarity.

My message to the online Durham Miners Gala today.

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