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iPhone : A journey around nebula formations, where stars are born.

With music 🎼 beautiful

Good night Tweeters.

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iPhone : Jay Snakes Mate that’s just the tip of the iceberg IMO, conditions such as bulimia, anorexia, suicides (if you do a little digging, UK reports suggest that child suicide rates were up in the first 56 days of lockdown😢) I would imagine a variety of addictions have risen too since March 😢

iPhone : Cathy Heaven True, same for cats & dogs
cats are like Mhhh stroke me if you want, but don’t stop

Dogs are more, OMG, OMG, i’m so happy you’re here I’m just gonna keep spinning around on the spot
Yeh I agree, good energy always, connection

Have a lovely day in Milano Cathy, ciao Lovely 😘

iPhone : Came over and let me stroke his nose, so trusting and stood there for ages, felt a little guilty as I wish I’d had an apple or carrot to say thanks. I kinda prefer being around animals to people some days
💛 🐴

iPhone : 🔥🔥Cathy Heaven, hotter than a late summer heat wave🔥🔥

So much scorching hot content to check out guys!

🔥Can you handle the heat and the interaction?🔥🔥🔥
🔥onlyfans.com/cathyheaven🔥 twitter.com/CathyHeavenXXX…

iPhone : Road to 100kg, currently benching 70kg, never pushed past this but I’ve set myself a 100kg goal by end of the year. I only weigh in at 60kg so I probably need to eat more to push my weight up the right way.

But as they say, ANYTHING is possible if you try 💪