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Bio International Lawyer. If I have something nice to say, I probably wont say it on Twitter. Freedom/truth/democracy/equality are good things. The CCP ≠ China.
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Twitter Web App : There are few things I like more in life than telling CGTN (China Global Television Network) that, "I will NOT make myself available for an interview because I long ago learned that you will manipulate whatever I say to suit the CCP's terrible purposes."


Twitter Web App : Singapore's Strait Times (with a good quote from Fred Rocafort) on what it means for US to certify Hong Kong as not autonomous from China.


Twitter Web App : The Economist Magazine has it right. China rules by fear in Hong Kong and elsewhere and the world ought to be really concerned about this.


Twitter Web App : Vietnam has done an AMAZING job w/ COVID-19. Right off the bat it shut its border with China (I mean really shut, not Trump shut) and stood fast when China begged and threatened to get it opened.

Vietnam knows China too well to trust it on anything!


Twitter Web App : YES!!!!

I've been calling for Chinese government officials and their lackeys to be removed entirely from Twitter because no Chinese social media site allows similar from the free world, but this is definitely the next best thing. bbc.com/news/technolog…

Twitter Web App : This article calls it nationalism. I call it Han supremacy. Either way, it's all part of the CCP's arrogant belief that it is free to attack and rule over others, such as Tibet, Inner Mongolia, East Turkistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and now, India.


Twitter Web App : There goes the CCP again, threatening some other country to divert attention from its own failings.


Twitter Web App : B. Allen-Ebrahimian Having seen this in person happen to Japanese cars (not get set on fire, but hammered) in Qingdao, I would say it could be days, maybe weeks.

Twitter for iPad : The world is incredibly angry at China.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths, along with the perpetual bullying and lying, tends to do that. politico.eu/article/eus-di…

Twitter for iPad : How long until China becomes North Korea 2.0?


Twitter Web App : BREAKING NEWS: "Thousands of Chinese soldiers" have invaded India.

I truly hope India will not be added to Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and East Turkistan as places China has invaded, colonized and held against the will of those who live there.


Twitter Web App : BREAKING NEWS: Meng Wanzhou's Extradition case will continue. This is a big deal and a great thing as it shows that the law still matters in Canada and China's worldwide attempts to circumvent the law will not always prevail.