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iPhone : euronews There are countries thinking that all the others must help.. what Italy helped the other countries? Why they didn’t help themselves by sending doctors from south while there was no crises there? Solidarity means helping each other!

iPhone : Guy Verhofstadt I’m sure you haven’t been living in China,well I was for years and I can tell you it’s the most safe country in the W. Instead of demonizing you should look into what can we change for better!

iPhone : Marcin Sułkowski Бизнеса си върви май относно международната търговия функционират зелените коридори , но истината е че докато не се нормализира до някаква степен живота малко е пресилено , защото така или иначе няма да кма потребление

iPhone : Marcin Sułkowski Забравяме когато гърците блокираха границите с България през зимата (Банско) с трактори и полицията не помагаше да се освободи движението ...

iPhone : euronews Bulgarian truck driver can earn 300€? I was expecting more professional analysis from your side.. the truck drivers in Bulgaria earn about 1000€!This topic shows why there is no trust between the members...

iPhone : Your interpretation is completely wrong or maybe you are just lying..I’ve seen the show is she was great in imitating and nothing about xenophobi or racist things

iPhone : Rep. Matt Gaetz Oh I see “the Chinese”. So the crises in 2008 we should have called the global Anglo/ American recession? If you wanna do economical war to China no need to give stupid names to illness that costs the lives of many people!