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Salaboy will demonstrate GitOps end-to-end with a live demo!

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If you want to learn more about GitOps:

- gitops.tech
- github.com/weaveworks/awe…
- deploy.live/blog/a-year-wi…

GitOps was invented by the clever people at Weaveworks — you can check out their website here weave.works/technologies/g…

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Does GitOps work only with Kubernetes?


You can apply GitOps to any project!

As long as you hold your infrastructure state in GIT and have scripts to apply changes, you can use anything you want.

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There are other benefits:

- You have an audit log of all the changes: the GIT history
- You only need to learn GIT to deploy
- You can roll back to any point in time! (just a GIT revert!)

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Imagine deleting your infrastructure by mistake 😱

If you have the full state in GIT, you can trigger your scripts and recreate the same setup as before!

When you rebuild the infra, even the number of replicas set by the autoscaler are set correctly.

Powerful, isnt it?

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The autoscaler should not increase the number of replicas live!

It should increment the number of replicas in GIT.

Then, the change should be redeployed to production.

In GitOps, every change goes through GIT.


But why?

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What do you do if you want to scale your deployment?

In GitOps, the state of the infrastructure is stored in GIT.

So you change your Deployment definition in GIT and apply the change to production.

What about autoscaling?

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Lets deploy an app with a single replica:

1. Commit the Deployment definition in GIT
2. Execute the script to deploy
3. Done

How is this new?

Surely you do this already!

The devil is in the details, though.

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The idea behind GitOps is straightforward:

1. Scripts that create update, delete, etc. infrastructure are saved in GIT.
2. The state of your infrastructure is saved in GIT.
3. You have automation to trigger all your scripts.

Lets see an example.

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