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TweetDeck : Most software vendors make the wrong assumptions when it comes to pipelines...

Make sure you get it right.

🎥 This is how to build a deployment pipeline ➡️ bit.ly/H2BDP

#DevOps #SoftwareEngineering

TweetDeck : This is how you build a successful deployment pipeline ➡️ bit.ly/H2BDP

Hopefully this tutorial can be a valuable piece of learning for your dev team 👍 #ContinuousDelivery

Twitter for iPad : Dario Faggioli Matt Fleming The work you do in parallel while your changes are being evaluated in the pipeline is a form of speculative execution. You may not have to dump it if there is an error, but it could happen. 🙂🤓

Twitter for iPad : TIL that Dave Farley took inspiration from CPU pipelines, specifically the branch predictor, when coining the phrase “deployment pipeline”! twitter.com/davefarley77/s…

Twitter for iPad : The course is a series of video modules, worksheets and information sheets.
The video content is about 4 hrs, but then however long students take for the exercises.
There is also a collection of references for background reading and worksheets that are meant to be useful tools. twitter.com/jeffsussna/sta…

TweetDeck : This is how to get started building a simple pipeline that can evolve and develop to become your only route to production.

🎥 Watch How to Build a Deployment Pipeline now ➡️ bit.ly/H2BDP

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• How to develop a Continuous Delivery Mindset

• The SEVEN essential techniques to learn and apply CD

• A step-by-step guide to building, or improving, your Deployment Pipeline.

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Twitter Web App : Here is mine, I first programmed on a borrowed ZX81 and then on a Pet, but my family clubbed together to buy me this for my Birthday 😎 twitter.com/pikesley/statu…

TweetDeck : Pipelines can be big, complex and sophisticated, but how do you get started? 🥴

Here is my guide to getting started with Deployment Pipelines ➡️ bit.ly/H2BDP

Twitter Web App : I was doing quite a lot of 'agile' things in the early 90's but didn't call them that. Certainly a simple form of CI. Also small self-directed teams trying out ideas.

CPU++ makes it easier and more powerful though for sure. twitter.com/allankellynet/…