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Tweetbot for Mac : There is NOT a tiger loose in Oakland.

2020 just flinched.

Let’s roll. twitter.com/oakzoo/status/…

Tweetbot for Mac : Trump plans to use an executive order to label the Oompa Loompas a terrorist group.

Tweetbot for Mac : Large groups are gathering risking a worse pandemic.

Quick, shoot them with something that will make them cough uncontrollably.

Tweetbot for Mac : Me to my 11 year-old daughter: “If you don’t like it, then you can unfollow me.”

Tweetbot for Mac : The warnings were all correct.

If anything they were understated.

And here we are.

Your move, America.


iPhone : Waste no brain cells on this. Antifa is a vaguely defined movement of people who like direct-action protest tactics, not an actual organization. Even if it were a real group, the law that lets the government deem entities as terrorists only applies to foreign orgs. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

Tweetbot for Mac : For the past several years, I've used the inbox space you've so graciously afforded me to warn about the potential doom that Donald Trump represents. During this period, I've often been asked why NextDraft became so much more political.

This is why.


Tweetbot for Mac : Birtherism has become a full grown adolescent. Angry. Cornered. Stupid. And dangerous.

Tweetbot for Mac : The Cable networks are giving wall to wall coverage as protests turn violent.

But that’s the only time they cover violence in these communities.

Tweetbot for Mac : People who couldnt celebrate or walk in their own graduations are showing up to protests in their caps and gowns and I just....

Tweetbot for Mac : People often ask me why NextDraft became so much more political over the past few years.

Look outside. You’ll understand.

Fire in the Whole.

Fire in the Whole

America takes to the streets, Trump in his (Archie) Bunker, and a roundup of protest news.