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Bio Head of Policy + Comms for the strongest industrial union in the UK. Spurs season ticket holder. Socialist. Likes public ownership & 90s stuff. Opinions mine.
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iPhone : If I could have just half the control over my two kids and Labrador that David Miller thinks I have over the whole world...

iPhone : Poor old Asa and Kerry-Anne spend ages saying that people aren’t listening to Jewish voices like Jewdas and then the bastards have the cheek to say something they don’t like! The Zionist conspiracy goes deep comrades.

iPhone : It’s almost like Jews on the left and non-zionist Jews don’t like crank conspiracy theorists either. Mad innit? Disloyal bunch those people.

Stick with Tony Greenstein lads. He won’t backstab you.

iPhone : Also, this ninny pretends to be anti-imperialist yet, as a white man he’s telling one minority they’ve been duped by another minority and he’s the wise overlord who knows all the answers.

White man knows best obvs.

iPhone : Imagine seeing Jews and Muslims engaging in interfaith projects in east London and thinking it was part of an Israeli led global conspiracy.

Imagine how warped your outlook on life must be to even think like this. How anyone can stand with this weapons grade muppet is beyond me twitter.com/supergutman/st…

iPhone : Re the apalling record of David Miller at Bristol Uni: Antisemitism is the tip of the spear. His record of conspiracy theories and denialism (esp on Syria) raises wider questions about how we maintain academic freedom when scholars embrace the antithesis of scholarship.

iPhone : Not entirely sure how these heroic “anti-Zionist” keyboard warriors are serving the Palestinian cause by uncritically defending a guy whose main political intervention has been apologism for the Assad state — which has literally bombed Palestinian refugee camps... #DavidMiller

iPhone : The Government has shown complete indifference to the impact of travel restrictions on Eurostar, despite the impact on Kent stations, and the not so small matter of access payment to HS1

A time of crisis requires determined leadership, sadly lacking from Government ASLEF twitter.com/ASLEFunion/sta…