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Twitter Web App : As Jayati Ghosh has said, the Gates foundation appears guilty of crimes against humanity for pushing the privatization of Oxford's Covid-19 vaccine.

They deserve to be treated as criminals, not celebrated as heroes. twitter.com/ProgIntl/statu…

iPhone : Dear Jacinda Ardern, members across the planet are asking: Will you fight for a #PeoplesVaccine, and demand a TRIPS waiver at the WTO?

Or will New Zealand protect the profits of Big Pharma to force millions of families in the Global South to suffer through this deadly pandemic?

iPhone : ...And while the IMF pressures Ecuador to increase the independence of its central bank, the World Bank releases an analysis showing a strong relation between central bank independence and inequality: documents1.worldbank.org/curated/en/422… (via Benjamin Braun) twitter.com/ProgIntl/statu…

Twitter Web App : Great concept + a key reason why questions of sovereignty, democratic governance + democratic responsibility to citizens - and not the IMF or Wall Street - are important themes. And why 'sovereignty' shouldn't be the curse word on the left that it has become. twitter.com/davidrkadler/s…

iPhone : So while Ecuador is facing IMF pressure for more central bank independence, the World Bank (🤔) just put out a path-breaking new paper by Andreas Kern et al. that finds a strong and remarkably monotonic effect of CBI on income inequality.

Twitter Web App : Back in 2002, Goldman Sachs invented the Lulameter to track Lula’s chances against the Brazil’s foreign exchange rate.

“We believe the market is being over-optimistic regarding the exchange rate... and would keep our recommendations to hedge exposure during the elections.” twitter.com/davidrkadler/s…

Twitter Web App : This is what I call the Sovereignty Shift.

(1) Suffering citizens cry out for reform
(2) Progressive politicians take up this call
(3) Investors punish them w/ capital flight
(4) Volatility weaponized as worrisome sign.

In sum: Investor vote on Wall St. > citizen vote

Twitter Web App : 1/3 da população do planeta é afetada pelas sanções dos EUA, causando uma situação trágica. a Progressive International lançou um excelente manifesto pedindo ao presidente Biden que acabe com as sanções ilegais. progressive.international/wire/2021-01-2…

Twitter Web App : Today marks the inauguration of Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States.

The Progressive International demands that the Biden administration cease unilateral and illegal US sanctions on Day 1 of his presidency. progressive.international/wire/2021-01-2…

iPhone : Some words in support of Progressive International's campaign against IMF demands that Ecuador – already a dollarized economy – take even more macro policy options off the democratic table by making its central bank fully independent. twitter.com/ProgIntl/statu…

iPhone : Get ready: We are about to spend entire days of our lives tweet-fighting our way through Adam Curtis’s new series!

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