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iPhone : Andrew Yang responds after NYC’s biggest police union attacks his campaign: “The status quo is unsustainable and we need massive changes to the NYPD...entrenched interests like police unions will not let up because they see any change as a threat.”

iPhone : I must say the 45 senate republicans saying impeachment trial is unconstitutional takes my breath away. Gaslighting at its best. Dangerous. This should make us all stop. This is not a process argument. Where is the party that talked about personal responsibility & accountability? twitter.com/axios/status/1…

iPhone : Life is a series of tradeoffs. It always has been and it always will be. Even when you think you're doing the "safest" thing you might be sacrificing something you don't even see.

These trainees want to have lunch together, they're vaccinated, are they bad people?

iPhone : Many were harshly critical of my article, which would condemn this ludicrous policy

It is "reasonably safe" to eat lunch together

Perfect safety does not exist

Sometimes "Twitter virtue signaling" steals real joy from real people and serves no purpose.

iPhone : A trainee in a program where all trainees have been vaccinated & are 14 days out & asymptomatic got email from hospital

They are no longer allowed to have lunch together

Can anyone defend this policy?

Does stealing brief joy from Frontline workers stop covid?

iPhone : Please POWERS THAT BE / those running the Matrix

When Kara Swisher writes these prophecies- these are meant to be FICTION and NOT NON-FICTION

Thank you. #WearAMask twitter.com/karaswisher/st…

iPhone : Room Rater Happy Belated Robbie Burns Day from Canada and Brittlestar. Sorry we missed! 10/10

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iPhone : There is so much misinformation and fear-mongering around #COVID19 vaccines for pregnant and nursing women. A brilliant Yale MSTP student @Aliceluculligan and I wrote this OpEd to dispel these myths, and provide relevant facts. Please share widely.


iPhone : And lastly, The Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles supports more than thirty programs from youth employment, homelessness, and solutions to affordable housing across LA. mayorsfundla.org/donate-now/

iPhone : Thrive East of the River is providing families in DC's Ward 8 with up to 5 months of financial support. If you want to enable stability and resiliency for those experiencing the COVID-19 crisis directly, donate now: bbardc.org/thrive/

iPhone : Send Chinatown Love is an organization supporting Asian-owned small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. Support local merchants by making a donation or purchasing a voucher. merchant.sendchinatownlove.com/all

iPhone : Although I'm hopeful for a better year in 2021, the fact is many people are still hurting now. I wanted to start the year highlighting three organizations we all can support, should you be interested.

iPhone : My first Substack post! It is pretty easy to use. I would love to hear your ideas about how to stop this common organizational malady.

George Carlin and Addition Sickness by Bob Sutton


iPhone : Californians can now sign up to get notified via text or email when it’s their turn to get the #COVID19 vaccine.

Eligible folks in LA & San Diego -- as a part of our pilot program -- can begin scheduling appointments on the same platform.

LEARN MORE: myturn.ca.gov

iPhone : Christina Farr Awesome piece. The biggest thing that stuck out to us was about hiring CMO that have an appetite to learn. Humility is a critical trait to ensure success. Cocky CMO’s can do a lot of harm to digital startups.

iPhone : I wrote my first opinion piece for STAT arguing that we need fresh perspectives in health care, including from Silicon Valley. It’s time to move beyond the refrain that the space is too hard or complex for newcomers!


iPhone : This is an absolutely bananas and awesome story. Don't see how this can be considered "illegal." This is the exact definition of a market. Sucks to be Melvin, but this is the game you play. Don't bail them out. twitter.com/williamlegate/…

Twitter Web App : "So much of the venture game is conviction. And momentum. And speed to execution. When any of those variables are shaken, your team can falter. When all of those are shaken, your psyche can also falter.

Mine did, and I started listening to the doubters."

Twitter Web App : No words for how excited I am about this!! Now I understand all the fuss around emojis.... #SpiritAwards twitter.com/netflixqueue/s…