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Twitter Web App : Jack Murphy I get that you're skipping to the meat of her seeming disconnected about Mollie's death, but don't use quotes when paraphrasing, it's a bad look and potentially discredits an otherwise valid argument.

Twitter Web App : @transphilosophr @BBsj86 Having a different opinion doesn't make you phobic or hateful. She just doesn't think it's the same as trans, why does she have to agree that it's the same? Pan, Poly and Bi sexual are not the same, but some people want to say they are, doesn't mean there's malice on either side.

Twitter Web App : Jessica❤️ But as a predator, do you think there should be stricter sentences for people that attempt to force male genitalia into the hands of non consenting women and accuse the women of wrong doing?

Because, as a woman, I think that's grossly inappropriate and abusive.

Twitter Web App : rachelvmckinnon Biological women had to fight for recognition in the sports world. Hard. And I acknowledge transwomen have to fight for their place in the world too, but saying there aren't differences is misinformation. And I respectfully disagree with that.

Twitter Web App : rachelvmckinnon Do you have a larger heart than biological women? Do you have larger lungs? Testosterone production isn't the only diff between biological men & women. I don't think you have to agree 100% w/every trans person to support the community, I draw the line at denying biological facts

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Twitter Web App : Jessica❤️ No woman should be FORCED to handle male genitalia if it makes then uncomfortable. That violates our right to feel safe as women. A bikini wax on female genitalia is done on skin outside of our sex organs, on male genitalia you have to work on the actual sex organs

Twitter Web App : 🕷 Amy Martin 🕷 If a transwoman keeps her male genitalia, she should have enough self awareness to understand that some women may still be uncomfortable handling it. Feminism has spent decades telling women to speak up when they're uncomfortable, we have earned that right.

Twitter Web App : chris pratt So sad that people don't know their American history well enough. You're a good guy, lots of love to you and your family 💗