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iPhone : Devin Nunes Alt-Mom IF the Senate goes Blue, Biden will have the power of legislation to move us forward, and a conservative scotus will act as a counterweight.

Stacking the court’s unnecessary, and will hurt us down the road.


iPhone : Texas Governor Abbott is requesting the use of a military hospital to relieve pressure on civilian hospitals in El Paso, which is experiencing a surge in COVID cases

iPhone : Dan Rather There’s something gonin’ on here. Why would TeamTrump embrace not fighting the coronavirus as a closing strategy- is there polling I’m missing showin’ this will win him new votes??

iPhone : So the administration goes on the Sunday shows to say they are surrendering to the virus? First of all, appalling. And second, maybe not the best closing argument to a nation being overrun by said virus.

iPhone : David Weissman I think I accidentally retweeted it 3 times before I put my fingers in a time out and then the damn things retweeted it another 3 times!

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iPhone : Javanka may yet end up bridge & tunnel:

“Should Mr. Trump lose the election, and should his daughter and son-in-law return to New York City, there is no guarantee they will receive a warm reception.”……

iPhone : Looking for a safe place to VOTE in person, with room for social distancing? Now you can vote at many stadiums and arenas around the country. Find your local arena at  #MakeHistoryHere

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TweetDeck : I disagree on this one. Structural changes to our institutions can be good, but should be considered wisely, as they have long-term ramifications. see:
Reid, Harry.…