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Twitter Web App : Going live on Twitch while editing this Sunday's conclusive Stranger Things Season 1 episode. Join me if you'd like!

Twitter Web App : Meet our cast for ROGER RABBIT 2: TOON PLATOON!
Part 1 July 10th @ 6PM PST

ERIC BAUZA (Bugs Bunny)
ANNA BRISBIN (Brizzy Voices)
JAN JOHNS (Fallout 3)
TED EVANS (Incredibles 2)


Android : Hate to do this, but we're gonna be off for the podcast this week. We were doing birthday stuff for Chels over the weekend, and we also want to give YouTube's algorithm a chance to maybe process the ST KC more without an additional release. We'll be back next week - sorry!!

Twitter Web App : Aw, man. RIP Ennio Morricone. Good long life at 91. Made the amazing score for my favorite horror film, The Thing - every time I hear it, I'm instantly transported to Outpost 31 with an overwhelming sense of paranoia.…

Twitter Web App : Rory Regan I intentionally avoid them - there's maybe one very vague one about two character's relationship but that's it.

Android : MAST3R VETERAN I appreciate the gesture, but I don't want any fans to feel obligated to share videos anywhere. That's not on them. This isn't an issue with fans and viewers, it's just a weird thing with YT's algorithm that I wish I understood better.

Twitter Web App : johnny Yes, but it's been enough time and data to notice an aberration (or rather, a surprising lack of one, given how ST compares to these other movies in terms of popularity).

Android : Preston Hall Most views come within the first hour or two, so it's not a matter of 600k views / 9 hours = ~67k views per hour = it'll hit a million in 6 more hours. If that makes sense.

Twitter Web App : Branson Bishop No, no individual should feel guilty or bad for not watching a video. Don't worry about that, you're under no obligation to watch my stuff. This is a much bigger systemic issue, nothing based on individual viewing patterns.

Twitter Web App : Noah Alewel Yeah, and that's a good question, too. I don't know if podcasts or other series affect the way YT treats KC in the algorithm, but obviously they shouldn't - they're clearly different series with different-sized target audiences.

Twitter Web App : Makenzie Reynolds Yeah, I always try to not let my expectations get too high for new videos because things are hard to predict, but I was kind of hoping for a new blow-out high water mark with this one. Maybe S2 will do it? Who knows.

Android : Honestly, maybe. At the start of quarantine, views increased by a bunch (right around mid-March). Like I said, the REC and Quarantine videos did great. But things have really leveled off, so maybe people are just sick of watching YT right now. It's a good theory!…

Android : Noah Alewel Nah, it's not poorly - it's about baseline, maybe the tiniest bit below. At this point the "baseline" I have in mind is a million views in 24 hours (which, I know, is wild). WT1 did 950k, so, yeah, it's about there.

Android : Zach Uphoff Oisin | BLM stealthywolfy I hope I've made clear that I don't condone or encourage people being dicks on Twitter, though, even if they're trying to support me. I can respond to criticisms myself, and like you implied, I don't want people to feel reluctant to voice criticisms. I need to hear criticism.

Android : Kristen Henery Personally I don't think that's the case - again, the fact that this is doing worse than "I'll Always Know" is indicative to me it's a YT thing - but if that IS the case, then TV Kill Counts will not be a thing of the future. It took way too much work to make this.