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Twitter Web App : the way dean fixes his hair and glasses

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Twitter Web App : dean said on ig live that hes delaying his album bc hes having a hard time the album's going well
but theres still things he need to improve bc its important for him to make songs perfectly the way he wants it to be but he wants to let everyone know hes really working hard on it

Twitter Web App : OK THAT WAS SEXY

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Twitter Web App : han from stray kids chose DEAN as an artist he admires and respects!…

Twitter Web App : dean ft mokyo soon.. dean just needs to send his verses to him but hes been busy perfecting his own album first

Twitter Web App : im glad dean has someone like mokyo in his life, he was comforting dean throughout giving him all the possitivity he needs and complimenting him so much.. its what he deserves

Twitter Web App : watch dean release the album and the ones who were pressuring him being the reason for his stress not even buy it

Twitter Web App : deans favourite lyric from uleum - mokyo is "i became a flower after my mom took care of me" thats when he really felt the song

Twitter Web App : the fact dean has to mention that hes working on the album and working hard everytime he makes an appearance is just sad essp at a time hes being open about his struggles and needs our support more than ever

Twitter Web App : dean said hes hardly on ig live since hes really shy but wanted to help mokyo promote his single and has been sending it to all his friends which he never usually does.. the best ceo

Twitter Web App : dean seemed to be telling mokyo his worries on ig live asking him questions like but am i doing well though? and mentioning that hes going through a hard time atm and that he envies mokyo for releasing music hes happy with and that he will work harder to feel happiness