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iPhone : 🔵Iceberg A74 (size about 1,280 km²), Brunt Ice Shelf, #Antarctica🇦🇶 28 Feb 2021 #Copernicus🇪🇺 #Sentinel-1🛰️ #SAR Full-size ➡️ flic.kr/p/2kG22ED #OpenData #scicomm #RemoteSensing #Iceberg #A74 #BruntIceShelf

Twitter Web App : #MyGalileoSolution💡 teams used #Galileo in areas ranging from #smarttransport to #cybersec, from emergency response to the #EUGreenDeal. Tmrw, at 17:00CET, the Innovative Mobile Apps & #AR panel will present the GNSS apps that are here to make a change!

iPhone : L’ambition industrielle 🇪🇺 passe par nos #PME.

Échanges constructifs avec le Groupe des employeurs du Comité économique et social européen.

👉 linkedin.com/pulse/lambitio…

Twitter Web App : Interested in #EUAfrica relations & cooperation?

Tomorrow the EESC External Relations) 's Twitter Profile">EESC External Relations holds the 7th meeting of African & EU economic and social stakeholders, to discuss:

1⃣ #Covid19
2⃣ #EUGreenDeal & Africa
3⃣ Africas economic integration

Follow EESC External Relations) 's Twitter Profile">EESC External Relations
More info: europa.eu/!fc83rp

Twitter Web App : On the occasion of the #WorldCivilDefenceDay, we would like to say thank you 🙏 to all the #emergency and #disaster response teams 🦺🚁🚑🚒 that use #EUSpace data tools such as Copernicus EMS #RapidMapping & Early Warning products, SAR Galileo, and will soon be using #GOVSATCOM

iPhone : 79% of Europeans use the #EUEnergyLabel to help them decide what products to buy.

From today, new A-G labels will help you pick the most energy efficient fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and TVs.

Want to know more?

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Twitter for iPad : February 2021 global fire activity & intensity from #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service Global Fire Assimilation System #OpenData confluence.ecmwf.int/display/CKB/CA… showing a fairly quiet month (compared to 2003-2020 data) with seasonal fires around the tropics #wildfires #openburning

Twitter Web App : #DYK that #Copernicus Service in Support to #EU External Action, EU SatCen, provides a crisis situation picture product?

It can provide a strategic overview of the concerned area to support effective intervention and management of the crisis.

Learn more: bit.ly/2QGsCzn

CoSchedule : Considering a career at EDA?

📺 Watch our step by step video on how you can create a qualitative application & how the selection process is structured.

All current vacancies ➡️ eda.europa.eu/careers

We look forward to welcoming you!

#EUcareers #EUjobs #opentowork #hiringnow

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Twitter Web App : Lovely view of the Britain + Éire taken by the
Copernicus EU Sentinel3 satellite today!

Look at how colourful the water in the Irish Sea is!

Twitter Web App : Do you work in the #Danube Basin? Do you use climate information to inform your decisions? Im working on a project with Copernicus ECMWF to understand climate data needs in the Danube and we want to make sure we capture your views. DM for more info #FreeData for #SmartDecisions

Twitter Web App : #Foresight is crucial to #civil #protection. And thats what we do at EUISS. On this #WorldCivilDefenceDay take a look at our analysis on #CrisisPreparedness: iss.europa.eu/topics/transna…

iPhone : #Foresight is crucial to #civil #protection. And thats what we do at EUISS. On this #WorldCivilDefenceDay take a look at our analysis on #CrisisPreparedness: iss.europa.eu/topics/transna…

Android : Retweet @ CopernicusLand: RT NODO②⓪) 's Twitter Profile">NODO②⓪: 🌋 #Etna #Volcano explosive activity from Feb. 16 to Feb. 28, 2021 from 🛰️ #Copernicus #Sentinel2.
🇮🇹 #Sicilia #Sicily #Italy #OpenData #scicomm

💻 Processed in ADAM Platform by NODO②⓪) 's Twitter Profile">NODO②⓪
🌐 Download the…

iPhone : In case you missed it: this is the mindset behind our new EU Trade 🇪🇺 strategy. Read all about it here: europa.eu/!ND43FF

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Twitter Web App : Want an interesting challenge?

Apply to develop an innovative solution that will allow the tracking of all commercial #freight trains, from all #railway undertakings, covering the whole 🇪🇺European network

🗓️Deadline: 21 September 2021
➡️APPLY HERE: bit.ly/3e8B4lM

Twitter Web App : 🔴Save the date: 4 March 2021📅

“Crop mapping using Copernicus Sentinel data” - the 5th of our 1⃣2⃣ webinars is coming!

The #WEkEO revolution continues!

iPhone : We’re facing different threats & challenges
#Pandemic exacerbated difficulties in the geopolitical environment.
For these reasons it’s important that member states remain committed in ensuring adeguate resources to both #EU and NATO military missions
#EUdefence #StrongerTogether

Twitter Web App : Great news - the clinical trial platform @REMAP_CAP set up by the Horizon 2020🇪🇺 RECOVER project is now published in NEJM.

Find out more about these two anti-inflammatory drugs that have the potential to be life-saving #COVID19 treatments.


iPhone : Interesting postseismic #GPSdisplacements in #Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland, showing some complex mixture of coseismic deformation, creep, and perhaps something more that helps drive the prolonged seismicity. Curious times!

Twitter Web App : White Collection (2021) | Leaves & Branches 🍂 85x50 km image of smooth transitions while different rivers flow their way and continue shaping the landscape.

Random place in #Russia | Copernicus EU #Sentinel2 🛰️ 2021-02-15 - Full Size -> flic.kr/p/2kCLsHm 🧐 | #EO

Android : February 2021 global fire activity & intensity from #CopernicusAtmosphere Monitoring Service Global Fire Assimilation System #OpenData confluence.ecmwf.int/display/CKB/CA… showing a fairly quiet month (compared to 2003-2020 data) with seasonal fires around the tropics #wildfires #openburning

iPhone : A brand new version of the widely-recognised EU energy label applies as of today! 🟢🟡🟠🔴

The simpler and clearer A to G scale – for the first 4 product categories – is now in store and online.

Learn more → europa.eu/!rU74fv pic.twitter.com/NDGawhuAWJ

Twitter Web App : 📢Welcome to our new member Deep Blue Globe! They create artificial intelligence solutions for the #maritime industry and #environment based on Earth Observation data and satellite. Learn more about our new member➡️deepblueglobe.eu

Twitter for iPad : Jacob Aron Amazing that the Telegraph uncovered only Labour Party expense claims, despite, I’m sure, very diligent efforts to examine the conservatives in equal detail 🙃

iPhone : One robotic explorer sees another: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter sent this enhanced-color view of NASAs Perseverance Mars Rover on the surface uahirise.org/ESP_068294_1985

Hundreds of new, exquisitely detailed views of Martian landscapes seen from orbit are now online at uahirise.org/releases/2021/…

Twitter Web App : Es nuestra responsabilidad respetar los recursos naturales de nuestro planeta El chef Joan Roca El Celler de Can Roca nos enseña esta receta de suquet de jurel en #SaboreaElOcéano.

¿Sabías que el jurel se pesca a niveles sostenibles en gran parte de Europa?🐟 #TasteTheOcean EU Maritime & Fish

Twitter Web App : 🟠 Congratulations Josef Aschbacher 🎉. Bringing Europe🇪🇺 closer to the stars and Earth closer to our eyes. #Space #SpaceExploration #RemoteSensing #EarthSciences #Astronomy twitter.com/esa/status/136…

Twitter Web App : 📺 #Crew2 conference... Watch now on #ESAwebTV 👉 esa.int/ESA_Multimedia… twitter.com/Thom_astro/sta…

Twitter Web App : By ensuring strong synergies between defence, space and civil technologies, we 🇪🇺 will generate disruptive innovation, remain a global standard setter, reduce our dependencies in critical technologies and boost the industrial leadership we need to recover from the crisis

Twitter Web App : Are you interested in starting to study land applications using #Copernicus data and dont know where to start?
Follow our #WEkEO webinar & meet experts!
The “Crop mapping using Copernicus🛰️data” session is for you!

🗓️ 4 March 2021-11:00
Register now: 👉bit.ly/WEkEO_Webinar_…

Smarp. : ¼ of the EU population have some form of disability.
the #EUDisabilityRights strategy for 2021-2030 will ensure that no one is left behind, covering all aspects of the #UNCRPD which turned 10 this year. The #vdLCommission will discuss it this week! eu.smh.re/gEh

Twitter Web App : Thank you Rik Van de Walle for the kick-off meeting of the #EuropeanUniversities Alliance #ENLIGHT. Together 🇪🇺 universities will:
🔸remove barriers to learning & R&I cooperation
🔸develop joint strategies
🔸support transformation of #highereducation bringing together #EEA & #ERA

Twitter Web App : PM2.5 #AirPollution Sun 21 Feb 7.14pm #Lockdown
#LocalAQMonitoring real time #PurpleAir

Twitter Web App : We are thrilled to announce a global virtual Women In Aerospace event, which will bring together members from different WIA organisations to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021. Join us! #ChooseToChallenge buff.ly/3kvWjBe

Twitter for iPad : Read our latest success story about Disaster early warning for cotton. Big EO data that frequently cover very large areas together with state-of-the-art AI models have introduced new opportunities for resilient agriculture e-shape.eu/index.php/show…

Android : The Human Cost of Disasters (2000-2019): Impacts of Disaster🌍 Events by Country - DG ECHO A.3. Situational Awareness Sector |🇪🇺 01/03/2021

Twitter Web App : Luis I. Gómez 🦁🗽 Con su permiso... Si existen cortas ilegales que se persigan.
Hay que dejar claro que consumir madera en España para producir energía es sostenible, ya que las cortas se realizan bajo criterios de sostenibilidad. En los bosques de España existe gestión forestal sostenible.

Android : EU #CohesionPolicy: investment spending in projects accelerated in 2020 up to €251 billion!

🇸🇪🇬🇷🇧🇬🇨🇾🇫🇮🇵🇹🇳🇱 ➡️best performers in terms of spending

🇭🇺🇨🇿🇲🇹🇱🇻🇪🇪 ➡️highest rates of Cohesion policy investments allocated to projects

More on #ESIFopendata

Twitter Web App : El #EstrechodeGibraltar es el lugar donde se produce:
🔵la unión de dos masas de agua 🌊🌊 #MarMediterráneo y #OcéanoAtlántico
🔵 la separación entre dos continentes: Europa y África🌍

En TELEDETECT hay varios grupos investigando esta región📡📚
Imagen #Sentinel2 🛰️23/02/2021

Twitter Web App : Today is the start of meteorological #spring in the Northern Hemisphere and #autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Photo by Will Eades taken in Port Macquarie, Australia, is our cover photo for March from the 2021 Calendar competition.

Twitter Web App : Josef Aschbacher has supported the #CopernicusMasters from the very beginning.

Congratulation on your new role as the Director-General of ESA and we look forward to working closely together to ensure the benefits of space reach everyone!

#Copernicus #EarthObservation #EUSpace

Twitter Web App : The #EO4GEO webinar is happening tomorrow 📢
Meet us at 10:00 CET⏰

All #AI🤖 researchers, #EO 🛰️🌎experts, GIS technicians, and technology enthusiasts are invited to participate!

Register now🔗eo4geo.eu/training-actio…

#AI4EO ai4eo.eu

Twitter Web App : #SmartRegions: have you already seen a foldable hospital? 🏥

Don’t miss tonight’s episode on euronews (9:50 pm CET): this #CohesionPolicy funded project can quickly bring relief to regions in need of healthcare support.


Twitter Web App : End of an era 😭 #RosettaSelfie twitter.com/DesignDataGmbH…

Twitter Web App : Peter B. de Selding 🇪🇺 DG DEFIS #StrongerTogether Thierry Breton) 's Twitter Profile">Thierry Breton ESA) 's Twitter Profile">ESA Dont pour gasoline on a fire that is not burning!
Shortcuts are shortcuts
What was certainly meant and has been said earlier by Thierry Breton) 's Twitter Profile">Thierry Breton is that @ESA is the natural & essential partner of the Commission when it comes to design, development & operations of EU space assets

TweetDeck : Après le Ghana, je suis ravie de voir que les vaccins livrés par #COVAX sont arrivés à bon port, en Côte dIvoire!

La vaccination a commencé. Je suis touchée par ce beau moment de solidarité mondiale.

Together, we will overcome the pandemic.

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Twitter Web App : 🌐 Inclusive, open, a place of opportunities, a place where everyone can share & develop new ideas 🌐.

Thats how we want the online world to be.

A place with Zero Discrimination.

#ZeroDiscriminationDay #WomenInTech
#UnionOfEquality #DigitalEU

Twitter for iPad : Le CTIF partenaire de IEDO relaie le rapport des bonnes pratiques #drone pour diffuser ces connaissances.

Twitter Web App : Danas obilježavamo #ZeroDiscriminationDay!

👉 Nulta stopa tolerancije za diskriminaciju na bilo kojoj osnovi, bez obzira radi li se o spolu, rasnom ili etničkom podrijetlu, vjeri ili uvjerenju, invaliditetu, dobi ili spolnoj orijentaciji.

Mi smo #UnionOfEquality!

Twitter Web App : GAF AG seeks a Senior Project Coordinator/Manager (f/m/d) for #EarthObservation projects related to #REDD+, #Sustainable Forest Mgmt, Land Use & Natural Resources Mgmt REDDCopernicus Programme #ClimateChange #forest monitoring gaf.de/jobs/senior-pr… 🛰️🌳📡🌱🌴🔭

Twitter Web App : An adapted version of a composite bulkhead that safeguards satellites during their ascent on the ESA-developed #Ariane5 launch vehicle has been tested for service aboard single aisle #Airbus aircraft #RocketScience #BestEngineeringInEurope esa.int/Enabling_Suppo…

Twitter Web App : #ImageOfTheDay

#ClimateChange has made #Europes forests more vulnerable to natural hazards 🔥🪳🌬️(windthrows, fires or insect outbreaks)

More than 60% of European biomass is exposed to such risks

⬇️Copernicus EU #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️view of 2 highly vulnerable natural parks in 🇪🇸

iPhone : Our first ever remote intern class brought a range of experiences from 14 schools, 17 cities, and eight countries. Check out our latest blog for hear their stories and learn how to apply for upcoming Planet internships. planet.com/pulse/2020-int…

Twitter Web App : Are you ready to scale up your #startup? GNSS.asia’s soft-landing programme will support selected #European #ventures with their expansion into Asia.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity❗️


Twitter Web App : עננות, נבדוק מחר.

iPhone : Tausend Dank for your helmsmanship in maintaining EU unity on #Brexit & hammering out new & strong relations with the United Kingdom, Michel Barnier & your team! Your patience, discretion and endurance will be missed. twitter.com/MichelBarnier/…

Twitter Web App : Congratulations Josef Aschbacher for starting your new role as Director-General of ESA. 🙌

We look forward to leveraging on this legacy to contribute to the success of the #EUSpace sector. 🛰️

Have a great start to your new role! 🚀

Twitter Web App : The Service public de Wallonie is in charge of implementing the policy of the Walloon region in Belgium. Discover here how they integrate satellite data for mapping the land use and land cover: eurisy.eu/stories/the-pu…

#mapping #satelliteimagery #wallonie #environment

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Twitter Web App : Bubble I am starting with a simple address-on-a-map prototype to estimate the solar potential for rooftops and land plots

Twitter Web App : ❗️Read the newest issue of sciencemag to discover the feature article by Julia Rosen on the science, #tech & history surrounding #InSAR.
➡️For a focus on business applications, #MarketTrends, & how InSAR inspires #innovation, check our #insight article: parsec-accelerator.eu/insight/insar-… twitter.com/evenflow_eu/st…

Buffer : 𝗣𝗶𝘅𝗲𝗹 𝗣𝘂𝘇𝘇𝗹𝗲𝗿 𝗙𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗟 𝗖𝗟𝗨𝗘: This primate calls forests home AND plays a pivotal role in maintaining the health of this ecosystem (thanks to its 💩)

𝗥𝗘𝗣𝗟𝗬 soon w/ your guess. We’ll reveal the answer very shortly. #WildlifeGameAThon #WorldWildlifeDay pic.twitter.com/kDHaRLnwS6

Twitter Web App : Our youngest 🗞️newsletter has just been launched! Covering:
➡️tracking 🌋volcanic risks (such as #Etna) with #interferometry;
➡️collapsing ❄️glaciers;
➡️a call on 🪖 defence-related research;

... and tons of #EOjobs and #EOevents!


iPhone : لنبحر غداً في أعماق البحار ونكتشف أسراره ومكنوناته في جلسة جديدة من جلسات #المقهى_العلمي مع الفاضلة د. عائشة أمبوعلي Aisha والفاضلة طيف التوبية 98_nyctophilia ، ويدير الحوار د. المعتصم المعمري المعتصم المعمري

للتسجيل bit.ly/3ulYdZm

iPhone : #Amazonie, notre avenir part en fumée. Tristesse et colère de voir chaque jour franchie une étape de plus vers lirréversible. L’heure nest plus aux déclarations mais à bannir les politiques irresponsables qui menacent la survie de l’humanité.
#ActForAmazonia 1/2 pic.twitter.com/dMp61YnMrY

Twitter for iPad : Kirpi den mesaj var!
Beni bahçenizde görürseniz lütfen biraz yemek ve su koyun.
Böcek ilacı koymayın!
Sebzelerinize saldıran böceklerle beslendiğim için zararsızım ve bahçenize yardım ediyorum!
Benim türüm ölüyor!
Hayatta kalmama yardım et!
#hayvanhakları #kirpi

Android : 🇵🇱 Polish Perfection 🇵🇱

Iga Świątek becomes the first Grand Slam singles champion from Poland and does not drop a set en route to her first career title 6-4 6-1 over Kenin.


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Android : Ce samedi sest déroulée la 1ère session de présélection #BNSSA à la piscine #Jaurreguiberry #Toulon ➡️ 1ère étape du cursus des futurs nageurs sauveteurs du Sapeurs Pompiers VAR qui participeront à la #surveillance des #plages.
Prochaine session➡️06/02, piscine #MauriceGiuge #Fréjus.

Twitter Web App : Well said!! When Graham stood up to Zahi Hawass on the age of the pyramids and Gobekli Tepe - Totally EPIC twitter.com/occultb0t/stat…

Tech 💻 & politics 🗳 Snr Analyst, AI Policy @ Centre for Data Innovation London/Brussels

Born in approximately 41 BBY, during the era of the Galactic Republic, and was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and trained by several masters.

Twitter for iPad : Best for Britain UK Fishing, financial services and automotive, oh and fashion and music industries all look a little fucked by Brexit, Put that on the side of the bus. At this rate we are going to need a bigger bus.