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Twitter Web App : People forget Yuni B is the greatest of all time. #factsonly #yuni #MKE…

Twitter Web App : When there’s something on a spoon and I put it on the ground for my dog, I always think it’s so cool that he puts one paw on the handle so it doesn’t move on the ground. Something about animals doing critical thinking is always cool to me.

Twitter Web App : Michael Scott successfully rides a bike into the office in ‘A Benihana Christmas’, but seems to have forgotten how to ride a bike in the beginning of an episode just a few seasons later when Oscar gets his new road bike.


Twitter Web App : “I would never say this to her face, but she's a wonderful person and a gifted artist.“

Twitter Web App : “Because snakes and sparklers are the only ones I like”

Twitter Web App : My arch nemesis when hanging things during home projects. The double nail hook.

Twitter Web App : I’ve always loved interacting with everyone on all forms of social- I appreciate everyone that has checked out my Cameo , its been one of my favorite ways to engage with anyone who needs a shoutout or celebration!

iPhone : A Take of mine: the 80s is the worst decade of music.

and yes, I know I wasn’t alive in the 80s to everyone who will inevitably say that to me but we have the internet so we all have listened to every type of music there is.

iPhone : People got away with EVERYTHING pre-social media. If this game happens in today‘a era, Gregg is probably done as an umpire- or At LEAST in big games.…