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Bio DeRicki Johnson, reader writer wanderer. Rooting for humanity, tweetering on the precipice.
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iPhone : DeRicki Johnson Listen as a farewell
That I do not know
You cradled me in your arms
For you i would smile
Today it comes back to me
Flavor of happiness
my sad heart
Snatched from you
the day of my birth
You left me three days I cried
#Orphaned by this sorrow
Life is sad without you mom

iPhone : #Xenophobes
Are the shackle
Holding back

They burned
My Gramps
Clothing store,
Hung his Pa from a tree

& fearful,
By the powerful

To terrorize
The masses,
So rich folks
Can avoid...

A just & healthy
With whom which
Can’t be toyed

iPhone : "I won't do it sir."

"You will, and that's an order, Haskins."

"I will not, I'm no #xenophobe."


"I don't fear or hate people from other countries."

"I'm very glad to hear it."

"So I won't arrest them."

"Forgers, Haskins, I said arrest the forgers."