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Bio One day I’ll be recognizable until then I’m just gonna keep reminding people I’m here. 🐜
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iPhone : He never called him just took the screenshot for Twitter Charlamagne texted again like 30 minuets saying “You still callin’ bro?”…

iPhone : My grandparents stopped by to say hi to my cameras while I’m on vacation! We don’t deserve grandparents 😊 keeping this video forever.

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iPhone : Two examples of some merch we’re working on. A lot more coming, these are both ready right now though lol. Shop/website launch and free giveaways soon! Shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, stickers, even woman’s leggings lol stay tuned!

iPhone : I know all the infectious disease specialists and immunologists are saying we should wear masks, but my friend Trent, who dropped out of high school to finish painting his El Camino, says we shouldn't wear them because "fuck that."

iPhone : Jesse Thorn There’s a lot to brag about there! Great hearing you on these last couple #JJGO’s you’re really a beacon of light in a dark time when I and many others need it and I hope this small message helps you in yours.❤️

iPhone : The funniest thing about all this, is that right wingers can’t fall back on their “just obey the law” stance because just two weeks ago they were out breaking the law and catching COVID just to get these shitty hair cuts: