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Android : Erin O'Toole says that the CPC is "totally different" than the Republican Party.

Fact check: nah. #cdnpoliโ€ฆ

Android : Just to recap....Donald Trump:

*Lost the popular vote twice
*Got impeached twice
*Lost more cases in court than any president in American history
*Lost the House (twice)
*Lost the Senate

Quite the legacy.

Android : I think about this photograph ALL THE TIME these days. Of the 31 people pictured here, two died before the holocaust began and only three escaped. Twenty six people shown in this photograph died in Camp Auschwitz.

Let me introduce you to my Camp Auschwitz alumni family.

Android : My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this weeks attack on the Capitol.

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Android : Our Premier wonโ€™t face media or the public today, opting instead for a FB post to throw a few foot soldiers under the bus. There is a huge character vacuum at the centre of the UCP โ€” and its name is Jason Kenney. He has lost the moral authority to govern. #RESIGNKENNEY #AbLeg

Android : No Andy, Big Government is the greatest achievement of the 20th Century. Conflating modern social democracy with despotic communism is a Conservative fallacy propped up only by loose word associations. A lie with only one aim, more de-regulated power for the private sector.

Android : Tyler Oscar Whiled UCP NONE of this can be blamed on the NDP, who had managed to recover Canada's fast growing economy during their final TWO years in office, a feat that had completely been undone by The end of Kenney's FIRST year in office.

Android : Some of the Trudeau governments investments in non-laptop related jobs:

- $10B for infrastructure
- $1.75B installing high-speed internet
- $295M Ford factory/electric vehicles
- $110M Toyota plant

Plus $500M for an expanded Canada Workers Benefit. #cdnpoliโ€ฆ

Android : Jason Kenney and the UCP are playing politics with hundreds of millions in federal top-up pay to support frontline heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They want this story to go away, let's keep sharing it so that doesn't happen. #ableg #abhealthโ€ฆ