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Twitter Web App : Ooh wait one more! My speech error in "mascu- masculinity" was rendered "math geek masculinity" 💯

I do kind of love correcting transcripts.

Twitter Web App : Today's most amusing autocorrection mistake: "Lal Zimman's work" rendered as "Lowell's women's work." (Having grown up next to Lowell Observatory I actually have a clear mental image of what this would be!)

Twitter Web App : Today's #lockdown #homeschooling2021 update: the #8yo wants to know if eyeballs count as "flesh" and the #4yo declared that his favourite number is 161 because that's how many blocks he thinks you need for a block tower to crash through the ceiling.

Everything is absurd.

Android : “In the wake of violence & insurrection, we're bringing people together around healing, justice & community...and inviting people to share their vision for a multiracial America where all are safe & free.” @ValarieKaur on the #PeoplesInauguration in The Hollywood Reporter hollywoodreporter.com/rambling-repor…

Android : Another full-time post at the University of York - Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics: jobs.york.ac.uk/wd/plsql/wd_po…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow, a lot of people are going to say, "We made it. We survived four years." And it's vitally important to remember that so, so many *didn't* make it. We have to be their voices, and seek justice and accountability for the brutal harms that have been visited upon so many.

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden picks Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman and current Pennsylvania health secretary, for assistant US health secretary. lgbtqnation.com/2021/01/joe-bi…

Twitter Web App : Lydia Trivia Bourbaki Yeah, the idea of actually putting the deadname in the citation is horrifying, and I should've clarified that in the initial question (because I should've anticipated that some people would consider that option, which I hadn't). Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.