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Twitter Web App : ♠️♦️ Magic Camp is streaming Friday, exclusively on #DisneyPlus ♣️♥️

Twitter Media Studio : The real trick is to believe. Magic Camp is streaming Friday, exclusively on #DisneyPlus.

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Twitter Web App : Charlie Brown &
Peppermint Patty &
Woodstock &
Snoopy &
Marcie &
Sally &
Linus &

The #PeanutsMovie is now streaming on #DisneyPlus as part of #DisneyPlusMovieNights!

Twitter Media Studio : Initiate Glow Up Protocol. 🤖✨⏫ Which of Iron Mans many MCU suits is your favorite?

All of these and more Marvel Studios movies are now streaming on #DisneyPlus. #DisneyPlusMovieNights

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Twitter Web App : #BlackIsKing is “vibrant, profound, and defiantly creative.” Stream the new visual album from BEYONCÉ on #DisneyPlus.

Twitter Media Studio : The crossover we never knew we needed. 🤩 Rewatch this @StarWars special from the series Phineas and Ferb and get ready for an all-new adventure in Phineas and Ferb The Movie: #CandaceAgainstTheUniverse, streaming Aug. 28 on #DisneyPlus!

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Twitter Media Studio : You can’t wear a crown with your head down. #BlackIsKing, the new visual album from BEYONCÉ, is now streaming on #DisneyPlus.

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Twitter Web App : NEW: Kermit the Frog joins us to talk #MuppetsNow, his favorite Disney theme park moments, and what snack hed add to Disneyland: bit.ly/3kn8ijN
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Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2NQOLda

Twitter Web App : Oh thank goodness, the episode is over before Twitter could shut us down. What was your favorite part? Contractually, we have to say ours was Miss Piggy. See you next time on #MuppetsNow!

Twitter Web App : "Allergic to fruit."
"Allergic to most vegetables."

⬆️Proof that Miss Piggy is a whole MOOD. 💅 #MuppetsNow

Twitter Web App : What a splendid little nap for moi! Is the show still on? BO-RING! When will we get to — OH! OH! OH! IT'S MY SEGMENT! IT'S MY SEGMENT! Everyone be quiet! It's my segment!!! #MuppetsNow

Twitter Web App : Sounds like things are about to get LIT on "Muppet Labs Field Test" 🥵 #MuppetsNow

Twitter Web App : BEAK-R: The woman they tell you not to worry about
Beaker: You
#MuppetsNow twitter.com/TheMuppets/sta…

Twitter Web App : The antics you are about to see on "Muppet Labs Field Test" should NOT be attempted at home. If you do attempt them at home, you'll be forced to watch Joe from Legal do comedy. He specializes in legal laughs. #MuppetsNow pic.twitter.com/O3mlfwG9LU

Twitter Web App : Time for "Økêÿ Døkêÿ Køøkîñ"! In your wildest dreams did you ever think you'd see The Swedish Chef square off in a taco-competition with @OfficialDannyT? We did, but weird dreams are an occupational hazard of what we do. #MuppetsNow pic.twitter.com/5bcLMpVJRg