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iPhone : ⋆ Tỏast ⋆ Nah I actually think Debbie had the worse character progression...She went from this innocent lil girl that just wanted to fit in to a slutty confused lesbian to now trying to be the head of the household

iPhone : Skip Bayless So you a Nets fan now becuz you think they can beat Lebron? let’s be real here this is all because of your Hate for Lebron you will root for anybody to beat him..such a 🤡

iPhone : Skip Bayless We don’t even know when Kyrie gone have another breakdown this season...It’s been 8yrs since Durant and Harden played together so we don’t know how that is gone work out since Hardden hasn’t been able to play with the last 3 guys that’s been put with him

iPhone : Skip Bayless Lebron still made the layup that ended up giving them the win Yet he won’t talk about his supposedly fav clips giving the game up to Steph last night...This Dude is a pure clown

iPhone : JR Fuck the corona being passed around in there this don’t even look fun to even attend nobody can move in that bitch whenever you gotta walk holding your drink above your head saying excuse me to every single person it’s too many damn people in that bitch😂😂😂

iPhone : Skip Bayless UNDISPUTED Skip will say anything just so he can have a chance to throw hate on Lebron...I’m not saying they not gone be a great Duo but they just started playing with eachother...Let’s be real tho the only reason Skip made this topic was to throw Lebron James in th discussion

iPhone : Skip Bayless Plus AD only played 30 mins but somehow you still try to make this an indictment on Lebron to try to keep your Clippers bandwagon going come on man

iPhone : Skip Bayless Maybe I’m missing the point here But Lakers only lost by 7 Lebron tweaked his ankle that’s why he was sitting the last 7mins on a Mins restriction in no way did the clippers crush the Lakers...Your clippers just lost by 50 points to a team the Lakers crushed when Lebron....